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If I didn’t have so much work to do, I could spend more time: auditioning, learning, reading a good book,  surfing the web, listening to podcasts, being more involved in social networking, blogging, learning more about my craft, attending  all my various community organizational committee meetings, local Chamber events, going to voice over workshops, repotting my orchids, tending to my drama-queen high schooler, watering my yard so it won’t turn brown. Wow, and that’s not even scratching the surface of all the daily tasks and propositions that lay at the foot of each daily agenda. There will always be something I “should” be doing to make myself more: marketable, efficient, limber, charitable, funny, pretty, intelligent, fashionable, spiritual, etc. I think many of us have so much to do and juggle so many balls , it can be easy to become overwhelmed at times. With that feeling of being “on overwhelm”, frustration can set in, and then…. before I wallow in my own private, “I’m not worthy pity party”, it’s time to turn off the computer, take a walk, swim, golf, play a musical instrument, go to a yoga class, and do something for me. Oooh a massage would feel really great after recording  and editing for 8 hours straight. 

My point is, establish priorities, and review and order daily tasks , in small bites.  I live by lists. They help me stay organized. There is no way I can be everywhere, and be all for everybody else all the time. Life is loaded with distractions. Pick & choose wisely. Remember to be human and regroup daily.  Stressing out is not a healthy response. Relax now…..for now…..Everything else will most probably be there tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Bobbin,

    I agree. Everyone needs to take time to relax each day so that burning out is prevented!

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of working too much. As I’ve heard many times, no one on their deathbed ever said that they wished they had spent more time at the office.

    Something to think about. Always put the people and priorities that are most important to you first (sometimes that means a little time for you!) and the sun will still come out tomorrow.

    Great post, Bobbin 🙂

    See you a less than 2 weeks!



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