Voice Over Warm Ups

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Here are some good warm ups from my good friend & voice coach Bev Bremers

Voice Over Warm Up Exercises –

· Stand up and reach for the ceiling. Stretch your entire torso.
· Try to touch the walls. Stretch every muscle, even your fingertips.
· With straight legs, try to touch the floor. Don’t bounce, just stretch.
· Bend your knees and hang, like a rag doll, totally relaxed. Close your eyes. Make your mind a blank. Take a deep breath and exhale. Stay this way for about 10 seconds.
· Then, keeping this relaxed feeling, slowly return to a standing position, feeling each vertebra as you rise. When you get up to the shoulder area, be sure not to snap your head back.
· Take another deep breath and exhale.
· Slowly roll your head – forward, side, back, side. Repeat. Now reverse – forward, other side, back, side. Repeat.
· Put your head down and hold it for a few seconds. Then put your head all the way back, drop your jaw, and hold it for a few seconds. Then put your head back up.
· Roll your shoulders – 4 times forward, then 4 times back. Let your shoulders do all the work; your arms just happen to be attached.
· Move your shoulders up, center, down, center. Repeat 3 or 4 more times. Then shake your arms.
· Bend your arms and twist from the waist up several times.
· Open up the back of your throat and mouth as wide as possible until you yawn. Then make a pumpkin face, prune face, pumpkin face, prune face.
· Place your hands on your abdominal area, near your waist. Say each of the 5 major vowels sounds 8 times each – HA, HE, HI, HO, WHO.
· Place your hands at the sides of your waist and press in. Take a deep breath (which will push your hands away from your body). Slowly exhale, saying a nice, comfortable “Haahh”. When you run out of breath, just stop – don’t allow your voice to get caught in your throat. Your stomach area should have stayed taut throughout the entire time you were vocalizing. (Think of your stomach as a blown-up balloon). You may feel a little light-headed when you first do this exercise, but this will pass as you get used to this “new” way of breathing. If you do get light-headed or dizzy, just rest for a moment, then resume.
· Relax your lips and blow air out (like you’re giving someone the raspberry with your lips), using your voice, starting at the bottom of your vocal range and going to the top of it. Then start at the top of your range and go down.
· Now do the same thing with your tongue – bottom to top, top to bottom. If you can’t roll your tongue, then flap your tongue in and out instead.
· Say MA, MAY, ME, MOE, MOO very slowly. Now a little faster. If you said it correctly, then say it even faster. Keep progressing faster and faster, as long as you are saying everything correctly. If you make a mistake, slow down your pace, until you can say it right. Keep up this progression until you are speaking at a very fast pace, then say the phrase 3 times fast without stopping.
· Now do the same thing saying LA, LAY, LEE, LOW, LOO.
· Next come the tongue-twisters, following the same progression as we did with the MA, MAY and LA, LAY patterns. Remember, never move faster, if you have made a mistake. Only progress when you have spoken correctly. Be sure to visualize everything you say.


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