Voice 2007-Notes to Self

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Other Voice-over related Blogs have provided comprehensive coverage this week on the VOICE 2007 speakers, and I’ve previously mentioned the places to learn about the presentations I feel are the best, so no re-hashing here.
The following items listed are things that were of specific interest to me, and some things I wanted to either research, or act upon, which I’ll share:
Note: These notes are what I feel are workable for me, and may not necessarily help somebody else.

Rodney Saulsberry talked about the USB plug in  Blue “snowball mike“- which is good for auditions, jobs and is easy to travel with. I need to know if it  can work  with my ProTools M-Box. If anyone knows, tell me!

Consider renting out more domain names from Chris Wagner. Discuss my own website modifications after he moves back here to California in August.

Read more aloud daily. (I already do that with all my work, but I can always do MORE!)

Connie’s presentation reminded me to..Listen MORE- to TV & radio commercials, cartoons & watch video games.  While at the conference I watched Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon Saturday morning  while I got ready for “work”. Revisit all those Disney vids.

Seek out users of ISDN Talent.

Check out Voicebank to hear your competitors, get names , phone numbers of Agents, production companies, etc.

Send out a quarterly e-newsletter with links to the past quarter’s jobs, to showcase your work

Frank Fredrick, “The Voice”- his “Love Notes” branding presentation breathes seduction, taste and smell. The message- revisit my own brand!

Make my website pages only 1 page long in length, 800 x 600 pixels, so visitors don’t have to scroll. Use no more than 2 fonts
revamp my biography, add links to credits (those running online) to my work history. Make sure my name is in my ketwords. ( I just checked- its all good)

Investigate a flash player that plays my demos from my page- a player which doesn’t take the visitor off my page to do so.

Pat Fraley Tips:

Pat Fraley says , always give credit where credit is due….thus I mention this tip is from him; don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something! I loved his suggestion for the ABC, or series of 3 for auditions: In delivering the tagline, or a 1 liner, acted 3 different ways: Choose your best choice, follow with a contrasting choice, and your best choice again…which wil come out somewhere in between choices 1 & 2.

Another Pat Fraley tip: Instead of highlighting your lines, highlight your cue lines!
-Challenge yourself to do one more sound or character every day for 30 days
-Hydrate yourself before, during and after  recording. Avoid pops and clicks  by using a spray bottle of water on teeth!
-speaking garbled, nonsensical language is a great way to warm up.


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