Enjoying the Weekend- Working hard, playing hard…

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Well, it’s the long Memorial Day Holiday weekend. I truly hope that everyone is enjoying themselves.

It’s the girls dorm around my house. I’m spending time with my 16 year old while my husband is out of town on a trip with his Dad & brother.

So this AM it was early to rise, read the paper, drink some  coffee, go to pilates class, go shopping, and then catch the film,  “Pirates of the Carribean”.  Soda, popcorn… Big mother-daughter bonding stuff indeed!

Of course a working Mother’s work is never really “done”. We just take breaks. Take the shopping trip earlier today. I needed to get some new tops, specifically updated necklines, to wear under  one of my blazers that I will be wearing for an on-camera spokes-person non-broadcast gig I am booked for next week.  I selected 3 different items in various colors so the producer and client would pick the one they want to see me in.  My daughter told the checkout lady, “My Mom’s gonna be in a TV show”  I joked, “I ‘m not a doctor, but I play one on TV…..”

Then after a healthy dinner of pasta salad, stuffed , roasted portobello mushroom, and bruchetta, we cleaned up the kitchen, and I hit the computer and travelled to the American Heritage Dictionary .  I started to wade through a 60 page  script for a different project narration coming up in 2 weeks in which I looked up pronunciation of some mystery words, like glabellar, glutaraldehyde, pruritis, erythema…you get the idea.

Well I was able to start on it at least.  About 12 pages into it, my eyelids started getting heavy. Only about half the words I was questioning were there. This is all medical terminology, so I may need to hunt elsewhere for some clues. I will also ask the producer and client if all else fails. The great thing about this particular online dictionary (American Heritage) is there are mp3 pronunciation guides, if you are so inclined to use them. What a find!

Well my bones and muscles are really starting to feel that pilates class. Think I’ll take another break, lie in bed, read more scripts, and then pass out!

Enjoy your weekend and send out good vibes and or prayers to our American Heroes who are away from their families this weekend,  fighting for our freedom!


  1. Bobbin:

    You are so nice to your clients to actually look up the words for them. I’m mean…I advise them to provide a phonetic key next to ANY word I’m might have a problem with, lest I put the incorrect emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle 🙂

    Best always,

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I seem to have a knack for attracting scripts from the medical & technology industry, and a lot of the words are not challenging to me, strangely enough.

    Perhaps that’s because my father was an osteopath, one sister a med tech, another sister a surgical technician, another sister an LPN, and a brother in law who’s an ophthalmologist. I grew up listening to some interesting dinner conversations, much to my mother’s chagrin!

    All the Best,

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