A trip to the Dentist and $1500 later…

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Today I am experiencing mouth  and wallet pain in the aftermath of a trip to the dentist’s office yesterday. It’s hard to move your mouth the way you need it to when you’re in the voiceover business. Glad there are no pressing v/o committments today.

But it is so critical to take care of your teeth and gums, especially when you use them as part of your tools of the trade.

Some folks think it’s all in the voice.  Not! (in my humble opinion)

I’ve really been into dental hygiene and care for the last 25+ years. I had some fantastic gold work done  on a couple of molars at Marquette Dental School  around 1980, that’s lasted longer than the teeth. Somewhere along the way, I must’ve bit down on something awfully hard to create some hairline cracks on those same molars.  (upper and lower) A couple of  years ago, my dentist found these cracks, and told me sometime I’d need crowns.

I decided at the time to wait as I wasn’t having any issues…until the other day, when I drank a glass of ice tea, the sensation from the cold nearly made me jump from my seat.

So I went to the dentist. He had to do 3 successive nerve blocks  on the lower jaw and 2 to the upper one to get me numb enough to do the enormous effort at removal of all the gold. I sat in the chair for 3 hours, got drilled , made several impressions, and got fitted with new temporary crowns.

Today, my wallet is $1500 lighter and my jaw, teeth, and tongue are sore. I still have a headache.

For anyone experiencing this type of pain, I’d recommend swishing with warm salt water, taking an anti- inflammatory, and rinse with Biotene mouthwash.

Oh yes, oatmeal and a banana, (niiiiice and soft) were the order of the day for breakfast. Soft food will feel better, while my mouth gets back to  full functionality.


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