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Makes me wish I lived closer to FLA.  My thanks to Patrick McCall for sending the following along:

Voiceover Acting Workshop – Sarasota FL 

Legendary voiceover performer Harlan Hogan and renowned voiceover talent and coach Elaine Clark have locked in the dates and location for an incredible Voiceover Acting Workshop in Sarasota Florida…. 

Not familiar with the name “Harlan Hogan”?

How about….

“Raid kills bugs fast, kills bugs dead”….

“When you care enough to send the very best”….

“Energizer changes batteries — precisely”….

“Thick, rich Heinz catsup; good things come to those who wait”….

“It’s the cereal even Mikey likes!”

That’s Harlan Hogan. 

Elaine Clark is the famed author of There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is. Elaine is an award winning actor, director, playwright and certified coach of voiceover acting. She will be presenting ACTING IN THE WHITE SPACE – reading the words is only 25% of a voice actor’s job. She is truly a gem at getting the best out of her students! 

Harlan will be presenting THE LONG HAUL – BUILDING A VOICEOVER CAREER THAT LASTS.  It takes more than talent to fashion a continuingly successful voiceover career. Harlan will discuss how to propel your business into an ongoing, money-making enterprise. 

The Workshop Dates:  Saturday & Sunday  April 26-27 2008

The Location: The Hotel Indigo – Downtown Sarasota FL 

You can choose one OR both days! 

For more information and signup GoTo:


Or, contact me directly at mccall.patrick@gmail.com – (941) 966-6750


  1. I agree Bobbin, I looked into flights to Sarasota and they are way crazy!

    I’ll miss it too.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  2. Hey Peter- Thanks for stopping by.  Yes, flights are going up all the time. I hope these two do a west coast swing. I’ve also contemplated going to San Francisco for Elaine’s classes. Harlan teaches there occasionally as well.
    All the Best,

  3. Hi Bobbin – Thanks for the nice comments. Just an update – Elaine Clark and I will be doing our back-to-back workshops on the West Coast….a little North of you I realize…but WEST nonetheless!

    We will be in Portland OR April 12th & 13th. Stacey Stahl of In Both Ears Talent Agency is co-ordinating and all the details are in the appearances section of my website.


  4. Dear Harlan…Most Awesome One!
    Thanks so much for stopping here and dropping a note about this workshop for those of us living on the “Left Coast”. I am certain that many vo peeps will be interested in this news.
    Hope to see you soon!
    All The Best,

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