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This is going to be a long post. This information may be of interest, and the intention here is to help anyone in the voice community so inclined, and is not a commercial for the event.

 I sat in on another teleseminar this week, hosted by Susan Berkley, Voice actor voice coach, and president of the Great Voice Company.

I’ve sat in on her teleseminars before, and I wasn’t alone. Almost 400 people signed up from all across the US, Canada and even Africa. Susan is an excellent marketer, and she shares a lot of information about her own successes and tips while promoting her next big thing, which is an upcoming “Bootcamp” her company is holding in March in West Palm Beach FL.

Here is  just some of what was discussed:

What’s Working Now- * 7 Ways To Start or Grow Your Voiceover Business: Quick And Simple”*
*  3-step plan to jump start your voiceover business (and get ‘unstuck’)

This concept comes from the book,  “Think And Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill.
    1) Make the decision to be successful and fill the “burning desire”.  Successful people make decisions fast.
     Feel the burning desire, and believe you will posess the thing you want, no matter what it takes.
    2) Get the knowledge, and execute the desire through an actionable plan. For instance, don’t buy equipment for a home studio befopre you know what to do with it.  Don’t stall out by getting ready to get ready with a case of, “analysis paralysis.” Do something and see what works. 
     3) Set yourself up for success. Do what you don’t want to do so you can be who you want to be. Put time into marketing and practicing your craft. Find a coach and/or mentor. Stay healthy.  Become familiar with marketing and sales and apply the techniques to your career. Choose the right mentor by assessing their knowledge, experience and results.

*  How to keep “Voice Talent Shopping Malls” from killing your career

The voiceover business is changing. Voice123,  and  and the like are fine,  Susan says, especially for practice. But in order to become truly successful don’t depend on these services for your entire business.  Sure, they are easy, and addictive.  The process is blind auditions.  You leave yourself out there as a commodity on a shelf , but the selection”talent” is  basically based on price.  The lowest price.  You need to reposition yourself as an expert and begin to command higher prices. Learn how to grow your business differently in a way that works.

A studio, a demo , and list of prospects is what will get you into business.

* How to command higher prices for your work
Accuracy,  and trust are key, . Build a relationship with your prospects  and educate them before you work with them. Think about yourself not as a commodity, but as a fully trained expert, so you become the obvious choice.

*  How to attract high quality, high paying clients and keep them forever
Think about the long-term value each client brings to your business. You need leads, from: agents, networking meetings, the Voice mall websites, industry directories, use ad words and landing pages on your website targeted to specific market sectors. Get creative and set up  a marketing funnel and have a way to stay in touch, with cards, promotions, etc. Once you get a client, don’t let them go. Keep the ones you have.

* The Blunt Truth About Demos
Don’t obsess over your demo, and just get it out there. It will never be  perfect, and some will end up in the trash. If you don’t have your own work  to add to your demo,  obtain copy from magazines, radio and TV and transcribe the spots that are right for your voice.
Don’t let a friend do your demo. Get an experienced engineer to professionaly produce and direct your first demo.

*  3 home studio fundamentals to record at home without spending a fortune

With today’s digital technlogy you can record anywhere. Know the difference in two types of studios: The home studio can use a usb mic, Samson CO1U or similar for auditions. You’ll need recording software like Soundforge or free Audacity. (which is free)  Check out home recording books, like Harlan Hogan’s. As you move along in your career, you’ll upgrade your equipment, like adding ISDN, an isolation booth, a better mic, etc.
But Self direction is key. Find your signature sound, unique to you alone.

*  3 deadly mistakes you must never make with new clients…and much more

 Don’t become to be known as the “WAL-MART of VO”. You’ll attract price shoppers and bad clients who can run you ragged.

Instead, educate your customers why you must get higher rates. But be sure you deliver a quality product and ON TIME!

Don’t ever be difficult to work with.

There’s a bright future in voice over.  Trending up are the areas of Audio Books, Commercials, Video Games. Entry into the industry is not as expensive as it used to be.
Do a great job, treat your clients well, deliver a good product, on time, and be easy to work with. Know how to audition well, and find your signature (LOGO) voice, and alway build your vo skills.

Susan’s 3 Day “Secrets of the Masters” bootcamp  is happening in West Palm Beach, FL. in March with Jay Ginsberg.  Among the topics , there will be some techniques shown how to perform character voices Jay learned from the legendary Daws Butler.  

For more information about attending, call Jason 800-333-8108 x229. He’s there from 9:30 am-5:30 pm ET Monday-Friday. You can email him any time at [email protected]


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