Tackling The Summer To-Do List

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The End Of Summer “To-Do” List   

(I’ve recorded and produced the text of this in the form of a  “blog cast”- just click the friendly little button at the bottom of this post)

As the sun sets on another summer, now may be a good time to review your strategic planning for the remainder of 2008, like:
• What changes would you like to make on your demos?
• Do you need to create a new demo for a genre or niche you haven’t pursued before but have already done work in?
• Do you need to rework your marketing program?
• What can be adjusted in the operation of your voice-over business to better meet the needs of your customer’s expectations that may also be changing in a more challenging business climate?
• Do you need to freshen up your web site?
• Do you need to cut costs? Look over expenses and see where you can save. Perhaps you will find a goldmine in savings if you can take time to find other vendors, or faster, more efficient and effective ways to conduct business.

In addition to the above mentioned, I am sharing my own “To Do List”

-Update my master task list (I must admit I need to consolidate the mounting paper notes on my desk), transcribe phone numbers, and work through the new list as quickly as possible.
-Cull existing customer lists, and update my database. It’ll keep record-keeping easier, and I suspect it may uncover some other marketing opportunities. But it is a LOT easier and less costly to market to someone with whom you’ve already done business!
-Give my office and studio a thorough cleaning, painting, dusting and do a few simple repairs.
-My youngest is leaving for college at the end of this week. So I’ll maximize that necessary trip to the office supply store and get supplies for my office and my co-ed.
– Get rid of excess paper in my bulging file cabinet that I can’t fit any more into and make the shredder my best friend for an afternoon.

Don’t wait until the autumnal equinox to assess where you’re at, in preparation for the fall and busy holiday season…because before you know it, 2009 will be here!
Happy Doing!



  1. Indeed, a “To Do” list is in order and I’m all for it. I think one of the things on my list will be to change things around in my work area. I like change, so a revamping of some items, a switch from here to there etc., just might spruce things up!

    Brian in Charlotte

  2. Bobbin

    I have to tell you, I am new to the VO biz and new to blogging. Your site has become one of my favorites. It is so helpful. I even grabbed and sited one of your photos on my blog. http://www.nikkistrongvoice.blogspot.com.

    I write a todo list everyday, but one for the entire year is even better. Thanks for the questions to get me started. Doing a thorough cleaning and cutting down on paper is a must do for me too!!! lol

  3. Hey Nikki & Brian,
    Thanks for stopping by and for the affirmations. Some days I just throw it out there, and never know who may be touched by similar sentiments.
    The care and feeding of the blog is a biggie for me, too. It is a time and research committment, but also works like therapy for me! hahah!

  4. Bobbin, what a wonderful list! Thank you for it…lots of great ideas, and perfectly timed, too…there’s a stack of business cards on the desk, waiting to be put into the business contact manager. They’ve been waiting a while, so your post is just the kick in the pants I needed!

  5. Sandy,
    I appreciate your contribution to the discussion. Yes, I have plenty of business cards I recently received at the VOICE 2008 conference, and they definitely need to be processed too.
    All the Best,

  6. Not just once a year

    As I’ve been learning to be more business-like about running my voiceover business, I’ve been learning the value of not only planning but of re-evaluating and revising one’s plans. My friend Bobbin Beam offers some terrific and valuab…

  7. Hi Bobbin-
    Great list and love the blogcast feature. Great job!

  8. Thank you so much James. Your kind words are so appreciated!

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