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Here’s a recent email correspondence which may be of interest to some. By the way, I answer all questions your send about the voice over business.

Friday, February 09, 2007 8:26 AM
To: Bobbin@bobbinbeam.com
Subject: Hi Bobbin…


Hi Bobbin…
My name is Tom Burris…I’m a voice guy located in Columbus, Ohio.  I have been looking for a Telo Zephyr 9202 and in my Internet search for one I came across your recent search for the same equipment.  It looks like you found one.  I was just wondering…how do you like it?  I’ve have an opportunity to buy one for $1,895.  What do you think?  Is that a good deal?

I’d love to have your comments and advice.  By the way…your demos are great.  Nice work. Thanks for your time Bobbin.    Tom


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your email and your kind comments about my demos. Yes, in my opinion and after a lot of research before I purchased, I found the Telos 9202 unit to be  the best, most reliable  and easiest to use. It is substantially less costly (several thousand dollars less) than the newer version, and the used 9202 units seem to hold up extremely well.   I talked to a lot of my associates in the industry, voiceover actors, friends at radio  & TV stations, as well as independent studio owners. The Telos brand had the most positive feedback. I purchased mine from a reputable used sound equipment broker that’s been in business a number of years. Your price is good, and that’s about the going price for a used unit. Make sure it has the most up to date chip in it and that it’s been tested before shipping. Get a 30 day warranty at a minimum….and of course be able to justify the expense, so your v/o work will not only cover the expense of the unit (including cost of the ISDN line monthly) so that you’ll recover your initial investment quickly and make it a profitable tool in your voice business.   There were some extremely questionable folks trying to sell units over ebay and the internet at the time I was looking to purchase. (they all featured the same photo of the unit under a number of different email addresses touting the same deal. I reported this to ebay which promtply pulled their listings. Then these guys started emailing me directly. But those same listings subsequently reappeared.  If the deal seems too good to be true, avoid it. Beware of possible scams….. Don’t send any $ thru a Western Union requested transaction. And watch out for someone who writes email with broken English. Good luck. Hope this helps!


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