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My current studio set up is really pretty good. It’s housed inside a computer cabinet/desk /armoire with plenty of foam all around, which provides a nice dead room sound. BUT there are issues. It’s located  in the family office, which means that nobody but me can be there while I am recording. Actually I prefer everybody is out of the house altogether while I’m working. No TV’s, no music blasting, no doors closing, no 15 year old singing, playing piano, guitar, etc. You get the idea. I also have practically zero desk space, as my equipment takes up most of it.

But there are other problems completely out of my control. There are airplanes, helicopters, the occasional  loud Harleys that roar down the street, the trash truck pick ups on Mondays, next door neighbors mowing lawns, AC and Heater vents, even computer fans create relentless acoustic intrusions into my sensitive mic. All of these noises interrupt many great “takes”,  slow the recording and editing process and, I’ve come to realize it is definitely time to step up to the plate and have a sound booth.

I’ve been looking for a while at all the options and came across the Dawbooth.  It’s a do it yourself, professional soundbooth. I purchased the plans, parts list and a how-to DVD. My husband Pete, is the handy one and is actually going to build this for me.

Today it was a couple trips to the Home Depot, and here we begin.

I’ve been looking around and considering the options. Cost is a factor. So is mobility, or portability, as well as size. As it goes, we are stongly considering getting rid of some furniture to our already “cozy” digs.

More to come in future posts.


  1. Bobbin,

    This looks really interesting. I’m looking forward to reading your follow-up posts.

    Be well,

  2. Another option for building a voiceover booth

    I was reading my friend Bobbin Beam’s voiceover blog today and noticed some very interesting information about her and her husband’s efforts to build a voiceover booth. Very interesting and I’m looking forward to reading the follow-up…

  3. Thanks to Bob’s blog, I found this great post! I’m looking forward to seeing this process in action–it’s makin’ me wanna get my handy self in gear and make my own booth.

    Good luck!! Can’t wait for the updates…


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