Do it Yourself Isolation Booth – progress report #2

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OK- no pix this week, as we’re at somewhat of a standstill.  All that happened this week is the final carpet went up on the exterior sides and a window is installed. It’s a long process because certain things need to happen in order. The booth component parts are ready but sitting out in the garage. Now everything is  ready to be assembled, wired, and put into place.

My husband will pick up the foam this week from Pro Sound. Then we need to make room in our home office for this. We’ll be donating some furniture from the living room, but the truck doesn’t come  to pick up until Thursday this week. Then we can move the hide-a-bed/couch from the office out to the living room.

Next we’ll relocate 2 very full file cabinets, and then bring in the parts and assemble. Gotta wire, drill and pick up some essentials,  like a quiet exhause vent fan (so I don’t run out of oxygen or get too hot too fast ) and a mic boom swivel arm.

There’s been some interest in the process, and I have promised to list costs. I think it may be best if I list everything at the end, because this is a process, and there may be some unanticipated , yet essential costs.
Without itemizing everything, I can say thus far  we’ve spent $763. More updates and pictures later, once we can move things inside the office next week.

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