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Earlier posts in this blog show the entire process of building your own sound booth since around the end of April to today-(see weekly progress reports) from scratch, including photos of the slow- but – sure progress. Work on the project was limited to weekends, plus a brief hiatus while Pete was in England for 10 days. My husband Pete, was fundamental to the whole activity, and without his help, this wouldn’t have happened in the way it did. I am go grateful.

It should be noted here that I will not be inserting all the before, and in progress photos here, because they can all be found in my progress reports in this blog. For those just reading this blog for the first time,  I highly suggest reviewing the progress reports to see the entire process from scratch, initiated by the studio booth plans I purchased from Dawbox. What you’re seeing below is the finished studio.

For quick reference here are the blog post dates which track this project:
4/21/07- The concept and action plan
4/29/07-Progress Report #1
5/06/07-Progress Report #2
5/20/07-Progress Report #3
5/31/07-Progress Report #4   Punch List
6/10/07-Progress Report #5   MOVING DAY!

It is really amazing to go back and look at the earlier posts, and now that my new recording studio has now become reality, I eagerly anticipate working in it.

Many finishing tasks needed to be completed during the migration from my previous studio set up. Rewiring , and relocating monitor, mixer , ISDN terminal, M-box and mic and sound testing took nearly half a day. Here are the final photos. It looks so cool!

There were additional final details: installing the stealth whisper fan and wall switch, lighting and secondary monitor  set up, vacuumimg dust, filling in sound leaks with additional weather stripping and foam, etc. I am sure there will be fine tuning along the way.

I am working through an itemized cost list of the project which was started last night. While discussing this list with Pete, we realized some of the costs incurred were additional customized preferences. So I decided to separate them into just the basic construction materials, and the extra items wanted  and needed to customize the studio for my equipment, including a Neumann mic.

Because I am so excited to share what we’ve done to this point right now, I’ve decided to write a separate, additional progress report on the final cost analysis for my next post in a day or so.

Presently, though, I am heading into my new booth to record the same short piece of copy I read on Friday which was done with the previous configuration with the same mic.  (the Neumann won’t arrive until later this week)

Then I will listen to a before and after, and compare audio. Should be interesting.


  1. Bobbin’s do-it-yourself voiceover booth is finished!

    Bobbin Beam emailed me this morning to let me know that she and her husband Pete have finished their do-it-yourself voiceover both project. You’ll find the story and photos of their finished work on Bobbin’s blog.
    I’m looking forward …

  2. I’m amazed! She’s a beauty…I’ll bet you can’t wait for that Neumann. Thanks for keeping us posted on this fantastic project–you are my booth hero.


  3. Thanks so much Anna. Your comments have been quite encouragijng and motivating.  By the way, after listening to your recent webinar, I am also working on a whole new marketing & branding campaign. You are definitely one of my “marketing” heroes who I respect immensely!

    All the Best,

  4. Bobbin:

    How exciting for you! The fine tuning you’ll be doing will be half the fun, getting the sound just right, checking quiet levels, mic distance….awesome.

    In my booth, I keep a collage of family members, so that when I have a script to read, I can decide which family member I am “speaking to” through the script. It also reminds me why I’m in the business. Might be a nice finishing touch to your booth and a tool as well.

    Congratulations to the “construction team”

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Hey Peter-

    What a great idea about the family collage. This helps to keep the reads real, while feeling close to and inspired by the ones I love. Love it! Thank you for your kindest thoughts!
    All the Best,

  6. Bobbin,

    Congrats on the new booth! It looks great and no doubt sounds even better.

  7. Hi David.
    The new room sound is good. Today  was the first day I worked in the new sound booth, and  what I really noticed is, it  helps block out so much of the intrusive noises from the outside which occur beyond my control, like planes, or loud vehicles zooming by. I can work without stopping  and waiting for the noise to abate. 

    Now I can also work while others in the family are in the office clicking away on their computers. I don’t have to request that they leave the area anymore. My teenager is ecstatic!  All in all, I think it will help me to work more efficiently.

  8. To my Darling Teenage Daughter,

    Thank you sweetie. Altho I do know you are ecstatic because I no longer have to banish you from the office anymore when  I  record. Now you can click away on your computer to your heart’s content! LOL!!!!
    Mom =]

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