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I came across a really  good post by voice pro Peter O’connell  on his blog about Voice Over Virtual Communities, Boards, or online Forums.

In this day of social networking online, it helps to know not only what’s happening,  what venues are available, but to sometimes tread carefully,  and always be thoughtful.

Peter lists the boards, their links and a personal review of each here, including the vo-bbyahoo groups voiceover board, voiceoversavvyvoice-overs forum and I also added one to his list, Voicechasers

Peter shares some important ideas about etiquette should anyone participate. (In a perfect world, everyone would observe them, remain professional, and avoid the drama)

I am very attuned to my time in motion, and choose to spend mine wisely.  Spending too much time socializing can become a distracting, habit that could drain  time better spent on your career, for one. One comment I shared with Peter on his post was:

“I agree that because most of us vo “peeps” work solo, it is nice to have a connection to the outside world with those in our profession. I limit myself to threads of work-related interest, avoid drama and at all opportunities, and stay positive and not too much small talk. After all, there’s always other work to do (professional and personal), and something that’s called, “a life”.”


  1. Hi Bobbin:

    Thanks so much for the mention.

    Another thought I had that I probably should have included in my post is that we (voice talents) are so lucky to not only have so many outlets in the form of boards to connect with fellow VO’s, but that by and large, there are really a large number of sharp, thoughtful people in our business with whom we CAN connect.

    You being just one of those examples.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  2. Hey Peter,
    You are so correct! Where would we be without the web and the social aspect of networkng and helping each other out from time to time? As our voiceover world has grown through the www, it’s become smaller and faster at the same time. I appreciate your kind comments.

    All the Best,

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