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I had no idea what was to happen this week, work wise.  Things seem to be a bit slower right now. After all, we’re  into the final two weeks of “summer” (before labor day) . September is when everybody gets back to work, so they say.

As of Monday, there were no bookings through agents, just a few scripts in the email box from regulars, so I accomplished a lot. My house needed a good cleaning, so I got that done. Exhausted, I sat down at the computer to enter the blog, as I have been a bit remiss in the past couple of days.

Monday- Two short IVR pieces for a regular, and the usual auditions.

Tuesday- More auditions, I landed a smaller v/o job at Voices.com. (Big or small, I love ’em all) Went to my pilates class. Get it (the small job) done. Go to Voicercise class taught by my pal Beverly Bremers in the evening.

Wednesday- More auditions and a couple more short scripts from the regulars. Tonight I went to the San Diego MCAI meeting. It was a good night. Made more contacts and networked my heart out. There was also a fabulous program tonight. Yikes, we had 3 speakers, and I enjoyed them all, escpecially author and motivational speaker Liz Goodgold. Remember, Publicity WORKS! (Just make sure you have the right headline)

Thursday- More short scripts, and some major auditions from agents, pilates class, and cooked a great dinner; Korean steak, basmati rice, herbed carrots and grilled fresh corn on the cob.

Friday- I awoke at 4:30 today. I have some major auditions I need to get done for 2 different agents. Glad my Orange County agent called. I am booked for a narratuion for Toshiba at 1 PM. At 5:30 I am volunteering to run a chipping contest for the Escondido Chamber of Commerce golf tournament. Hope I dont get stuck in a sigalert on the I-5 on the way home.(ha)

 Life is a wonderfully fulfilling adventure.

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  1. What is a typical week as a voice actor like?

    One way to answer that question, of course, is to point out that there is no such thing as a typical week. However, for a quick look behind the curtain, as it were, check out Bobbin Beam’s blog entry called A Week In The Life. Like all of us work…

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