Home Again After San Diego Wildfires

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It seemed like this nightmare week has gone by very s-l-o-w-l-y. Appropriate the fire that evacuated us from our Escondido home the week before Halloween is called the “Witch” fire, after the area it started in near Ramona, Witch Creek.

What a  mentally, physically and emotionally draining ordeal.  Recounting the experience is bizarre, and the landscape in some areas, surreal.

The short version of our story… great news for us. Our home is OK and we were allowed to return late yesterday. Everything around the house is sooty, and laden with ash, full of carcinogenic particulate material. The air is heavy with pungent smoke, and we can barely discern a bloody orange sun.

Fires still burn, but thankfully, the driving winds have retreated. Homes of friends and others in our area, less than a mile away are gone.

It is a bit overwhelming at this time. But I wanted to thank all the many members of family, friends and clients who have been so kind and supportive.

I especially wanted to thank fellow voice over actors, Julie Williams  for getting the word out at her v/o forum and Deb Munroe for notifying the virtual voice acting community about all the Southern California voice people impacted by this devastating firestorm, and efforts to help out any actors who may have lost their homes and studios.

My voice coaches and beloved neighbors, James Alburger and Penny Abshire were also evacuated, but have now returned to a fortunate outcome. I also wanted to thank Stephanie Ciccarelli at Voices.com for getting the word out in her Vox Daily blog.

From the ashes the Phoenix shall rise.


  1. Bobbin:

    Great news that the house is saved. Dirt can feel overwhelming but its fixable.

    I am glad you are all well.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  2. Our prayers to you and your family. I’m a newbie to the VO world, and our family was in a flood… so we understand how this can ‘rock’ a person’s world. So glad your house is OK.


    Kim White

  3. We are so happy you’re okay, Bobbin! Like you, we are just trying to BREATHE and wait for the smoke to clear. When you have a minute, give us a call. I’ll feel better when I hear your beautiful voice.

  4. Penny, Jim & Les,
    I love you guys! I am so thankful you are OK! I tried calling today and left a message. Will try again tmorrow.
    Hugs, Bobbin

  5. Natural disasters are very intense. It has been four years since Hurricane Isabel devastated Poquoson Va. Till this day there are still houses that haven’t been repaired. There are only a few. While I was in Iraq, about 20 homes on my street alone were raised and fixed.
    It must feel awkward to have your house still around while others are not. It is so random. I wish you well in the coming days/weeks/months.

  6. Bobbin!
    SO glad you’re safe!
    Hang in there!


  7. Liz,
    Thanks so much. Everything is going good! Thabks so much for your call and comment! Hugs, BB

  8. SO nice to know that all are back home and safe. It was so nice to see how quickly all came together….especially after Julie Williams really went and above and beyond for instant relief efforts….at least we know that NO VOICER SHALL GO WITHOUT EQUIPMENT…I had many suggest they could offer equipment to help those in need continue to voice LOL….like we are that desperate to work in that kind of situation I know, but the thought was there (I was one of them LOL)

    Thank you so much for such kind words though Bobbin…all that mattered is that each of you got home safely.

    We have the most amazing support group and family now, we are all so very blessed. I’m so honored to be one of them.

    All my best

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