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Voice123 has upgraded itself to version 2.5 . Their server is very slow today as talents there must update their  profiles and demos. I am giving it all a rest for now and will try again later. I am among the 3500+ or so registered there as part of an overall marketing plan, to greater and lesser degrees of involvement there.
I am in the lesser degree of involvement category, but it seems like some people live and die by this service and I say, “Go for it.”.

Earlier this week I sent V123 a nice little email expressing my humble opinion of  their “Smartcast” ratings system which has been in effect since July, 2007, and how I believe talent should be ranked by the actual job worked, and not be ranked and penalized with a low rating for taking the time to submit a custom audition: I now am sharing this with anyone interested in reading on.

I don’t write in much, and am fully aware that this idea is quite contrary to your “Smartcast” model, but I feel strongly that a talent should not be “rated” by the client upon auditions. Either the talent is the voice or is not.

Talent should be rated , however AFTER the job is performed. This rating will serve many purposes.

  • Can the talent truly deliver the performance and how good is the talent to work with?

  • Do they adhere to an ethical standard, were they professional, etc.

  • Did they complete the job in a timely manner and uphold a quality standard?

(Jobs completed) These are things which should be ranked, and talent should not be ranked and penalized by the audition process. Thank you.

Bobbin Beam”

Well I haven’t heard back from them…yet. If I do, I’ll post it here.  It appears the folks at V123 are very proud of their little widget just the way it is , thankyouverymuch.

Like it or not V123 is a big player and its crowded at the bottom. I will not whine about this. I merely state a fact.

Any thoughts or opinions from other v/o folks?



  1. I concur with you point Bobbin. For now I have opted out of V123, but leave the door open for the future. Yes they are a player but certainly not the only player, and only one pillar in a lead generation aspect of this business. I don’t believe anyone should put all their eggs in one basket, it’s just not a prudent business practice.

  2. I agree 100% with Bobbin’s thoughts (did she really say that out loud?)What bugs me are the many auditions that never get opened…this after spending a lot of time to make a good presentation. Here’s an idea for V123, how about posting a small sample of the
    spot that was selected.

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