Mid-Year Check-Up

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How are the New Year’s Resolutions holding up? It is hard to believe it’s the middle of the year, and I have been so consumed by my own “busy-ness” that I confess I have failed to glimpse at my own Top 10 list posted  at my workstation positioned only about 18″ from my eye-line.

Yes, it’s been a couple of months, at least. Probably when I had to pay all those income taxes. That was in April.

Happily, I have accomplished 6 out of 10, but there’s still more to do, and I need to be more consistent in endeavoring to stay up with those Resolutions, keep them in mind, and look at them more often.

In comparison with the previous year, my voice over business is growing. But when the mic is off, I must put on my marketing game face more often. 

So, how is your business growing this year? 

We’ve been thrown a few curve balls around here from other businesses affecting the household income due in no small part to the prevailing economy…plus we’re getting ready to put our last child through college this Fall, and the college fund we’ve been saving has dwindled significantly.  Obviously less than an ideal scenario.

I’ve resolved it’s time to get realistic about what ‘s needed to make all business affecting the household income the success that I envision it to be.  How is this to be accomplished? Without launching into a myriad of personal details:

1. Compare progress to the goals established earlier in the year. DONE
2. Get timely and meaningful information? WORKING ON IT.
3. Have a meeting with others,  such as family members or outside advisors to get their input on the progress you and the family business(s) are collectively  making (or not making)? DONE
4. Have faith. And be real about what is holding me  or my partner back, and know what needs to be done to overcome obstacles along the way. DONE.
5. Be thankful. Every day presents new opportunities to make good choices for you, your family, and your business. DONE!

I just picked up another excellent article by area business consultant,  Ken Hugins where he discusses obstacles business owners fail to overcome.

“In my experience, business owners fail to overcome problems for one or more of three reasons:

Lack of Knowledge. Sometimes business owners just don’t know what to do or have the skills and experience to do what is necessary. The owner runs the best business that he or she can – based on his or her skill set. If that is a problem for you, the answer is to get the knowledge and skills from others. That usually means using outside experts and key advisors to fill in the gaps. Don’t be embarrassed about what you don’t know. All successful business owners rely on people with different and complementary skills.

Lack of Time. It is rare that a business owner is not doing too much. Trying to do more in less time can be rewarding; especially in the beginning stages of a business. But, as the owner fills up the work week, the limitations of time become a constraint on business growth and success. It usually means that the owner is focusing on the urgent and not always on the important. Those important, non-urgent activities will get shunted aside. Often they are what need attention so the business can flourish. What to do? Slow down or get help. Give yourself the time to attend to all of the important needs of your business.

Lack of Resources. Small business owners are well known for being frugal. Doing more with less helps launch successful businesses that would not otherwise be possible. However this can become a liability. That frugal nature can mean that the owner fails to invest in aspects of the business that will payoff in growth and profits. More staff may be needed to get work done timely and give the owner time for the things discussed above. Sometimes capital is required to obtain the assets that will become the foundation for growth and success. Be careful, but consider what your business truly needs to make it flourish.

Take some time to really look at your business. If it is clearly less than it should be, take the time to explore what is holding it back. There is no one closer to your business than yourself. If you won’t take the action needed, who will; if not now, when?”




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