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It seems so easy to just wrap up into the daily routine and let the weeks, months and years pass as if we’re wearing blinders, running faster and faster after who knows what.

I have found myself guilty of that sometimes, especially after the effects of certain life-changing events that completely rearrange my awareness and life perspective  fade into memory.

Perhaps it’s the mind’s way of healing, and not dwelling on certain things that caused growing pains in our lives. While it is important to move on (what other choice is there?), it is equally as important to remember. Reflection is like a magic window you can see through that helps us understand and unite all the outside “stuff” of our lives with our  “inner” space.

Today, September 11th is one of those days I’m reflecting on with so many. I woke up early today to take the time to write, reflect, and remember before I begin a heavy schedule of recording committments. 

Of course, I am referring to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and more. That morning, I also awakened early. I had a restless night of sleep.  On that date, just one year before, I lost my beloved sister to Leukemia. Barb was my life’s mentor, cheerleader, confidante, and hero. Then I turned on the TV. My heart froze. I was riveted for the the next several hours. Then I was angry. My day of reflection on the event one year to the day had been interrupted and compounded. In essense, taken away, like all the lives lost. All the stories of all those people that were to be told, had changed that day. All the surviving families, and all the friends – forever changed. September 11 was and always will be an especially sad day for me.

So I reflect today into my own magic window and pray for peace and healing. For all the life’s mentors, cheerleaders, confidantes and heroes, and all the families and friends, and our country. All forever changed .

Each year that goes by, I keep trying to reconcile all the “stuff” of this day, September 11.


  1. Bobbin,my heart goes out to you on the loss or your beloved sister. My prayers are will all of us who lost the innocence we all had before the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

    I have such mixed emotions about that day. While the buildings and planes were falling, my amazing daughter-in-law Michelle Summers, whom many of you know, was laboring to bring into the world a most beautiful and wonderful grandchild to us. Mikayla Summers, Michelle’s and my son Sean’s daughter, was born the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001. And so while there was great grief for the world and it’s losses, there was great rejoicing in our family also. Mikayla, seven years old today, is a light and and a lesson for us all. She is bright and wise and full of life. I believe she and others like her offer us hope for the future and a reason to go on and make this world a better and safer place.

    To me it proves that even through the tragedies of life, and through all of our grieving, there is still hope and love and so many important things for which to be so very thankful. Isn’t life just amazing and thank God for ALL the friends and family with whom we can share our sorrows and our joys.


    Donna Summers

  2. Donna,
    Thank you for sharing your “story” here.
    All The Best,

  3. Dearest Bobbin,

    All I can say is: BIG HUG to You!



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