Jay Silverman’s 13 RE’s of Self Marketing for VoiceActors

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Jay Silverman of Voice Coaches offers a baker’s dozen of self-marketing tips specific to offline marketing for voice actors.  While these tips are based upon traditional marketing procedures elements of this presentation can also be applied for auditions online through the voice over marketplace.

13 RE’s of Self-Marketing for Voice Actors

1. REsearch the Internet and other directories. You’ll be able to find job listings posted by prospective employers. Be sure to get their contact information right when you apply to work for them.
2. REvive past networking and business relationships. Keeping in touch with people you’ve met through business over the years will become advantageous to your career.
3. REwrite your cover letter for each job and be sure to personalize it as much as possible for the different kinds of recruiters you’ll encounter.
4. REcap your strengths in your letter. Always capitalize on your strengths! Be sure to “hook” the reader and persuade them with your words to take notice of what you have to offer.
5. REview the letter. You want it to be polished and free of any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Remember that a person who is in a position to further your career will be reading it.
6. REalize that this letter (proposal) and the demo that accompanies it may be your only shot of getting the job.
7. REmember to tell the recipient that you’ll follow up in a specific number of days from the date of the letter. Commit to this unless you hear from them first.
8. REach out to the “bulldog at the gate.” Establish a relationship with that key player and develop a relationship with the gatekeeper to get him or her on your side.
9. REevaluate your letter and marketing methods. If you don’t get some calls within four months, reconsider whether that prospect is worth keeping on your list of follow-ups.
10. REpay your hard work by networking at advertising industry meetings. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a meal and the company of other people. Be active in at least one professional organization such as an ad club, chamber of commerce, tech alliance, etc.
11. REexamine your goals if you have difficulty marketing yourself.
12. REconnect with your instructor for additional suggestions.
13. REcall that you’re the only person who can self-market your talents. Outside help can teach you, train you, and give you time and expertise in the studio but you must develop the skills and nurture a desire to market yourself!

Jay SilvermanĀ©2008


  1. I especially LOVE “Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a meal and the company of other people.” Thanks for posting this.

  2. Anthony,
    Agreed. And it’s especially sweet if you happen to be in the company of your agent…

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