Female Voice Talent Beware: “Audio Play”-Audition Scam

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Watch out for a new weird-o audition from a guy who has an “audio play” for educational classroom purposes. Yea sure.

I love play acting and agreed to audition a portion of his script. After giving him 3 separate, yet  innocuous script readings…the last script he sent had  one  word that was a red flag.  I wouldn’t read that particular line, and sent it back and said I was not reading any more. Either he was going to cast me or not, and I would get paid for anything else. 

By the way he asked me to read this last particular audition script through twice. Connect the dots…

Then he emailed me back to say what a great range of emotion I have and blab la bla… and asked if I would be interested in reading erotic material for pay, for his personal use. 

I was so stunned and had to take time to process what had happened. I didn’t write back.  I had to take a shower.
When I worked on radio, sure I got some strange calls from listeners on drug trips, guys that wanted to hit on me, or the guy who wanted to know what color my panties were to a few absolute whack jobs. One guy believed he had a wire plate in his brain that transmitted the radio station and he said he heard derogatory things the DJ’s would say about him over the air. 

Anyway, I just received another email asking for an answer. I simply replied, “ I am not interested in the work you offer. This is done.”

Privately contact me if you want to know this person’s name and/email address and any other details.
Reminds me of the sneeze audition thing I posted here on this blog earlier this year.

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  1. Oh my god, this is nasty. Thanks for the warning Bobbin. You’re the greatest! 😀

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