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Well I am now feeling better. On Christmas eve morning I was busy making preparations for a nice meal with my family, and then went into the both and worked like crazy on a rather lengthy e-learning project. By mid afternoon, I had to stop. Nausea,  chills and fever turned into a case of flu. I landed in bed for the next 2 1/2 days. Not exactly the Christmas I’d planned. It’s now Sunday,  (28th)and today is the first day I am actually feeling pretty good again, and not tired or weak. So yay, and on to “business”.

About two weeks ago, my talented Las Vegas v-o friend, Dave Courvosier, has launched a Google Group for Voice Actors. He’s looking for v/o people to join in.

Dave posted a rather thought-provoking discssion/query of members about whether or not there is or should be a DEFINITIVE online social place for v/o people to hang out.

Feeling  somewhat contrarian about the social networking craze at the time, (hoping I don’t get tarred and feathered)

“I don’t believe there really is or should be one definitive place for vo actors to be all the time. There are choices. And that is a good thing. So thank you for starting this group. I hope it gains members and becomes a great landing spot, enjoying longetity and taking on a life of its own. Each of the online venues you’ve mentioned have their own uniqueness, and resonate with certain individuals at times, and not others. There can be a new fabric of personality types, or skill sets that populate a particular group that can change the overall feel.  Take a break and look into others for a while. Kind of a living, changing organism. Kind of like going to a cocktail party, or hanging around the water cooler. But there’s a time and a place for work, and another for social time. Taking time to go to each, read all the posts and post thoughful remarks takes a chunk of time.

I think it’s important to feel connected to others, in our mostly isolated work existences. We crave interaction, recognition of our existences, and for some, a needy or egomaniacal urge to dominate so many discussions for the attention they think it may bring. I also feel it is great to have choices and places to visit and interact. However, to me it cannot be a distraction to my primary focus, online social places can easily become.

When my mic is not on, I must still be working on other aspects of business. Or when I am really busy with work, I’ve often had plenty of “screen time” for the day and just need to walk away from the computer.

In my opinion there’s the practicality of it all. I try to make solid use of the hours and minutes I have each day to be productive. While I love to hang out and virtually bond with my peers,  I’ve had this discussion with one of my agents who reminds me what I am here to do. Impress my clients, and it is my craft I must focus on, and “not to follow the herd”. 

May your New Year’s be prosperous!
Bobbin Beam


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