My List: In with the New…and Some of the Old

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With each New Year, many create their “resolutions”, only to fall off the wagon (so to speak) only weeks later.

Two of my talented voice over friends from the vo-bb , Dave Courvosier and Kara Edwards’ respective blogs contain some elements I wish to hybridize upon. And since “hybrids” are such a hot concept, I thought, why not apply the same to a voice-over career and my annual listing of goals/resolutions?

In a recent post, Courvo outlined his success rate on his last year’s resolution list, adding new ones for this year, and Kara discusses 20 things she learned about the voice over business over the last year. 

I revisited my own list for ’08.  And indeed I completed 7 out of 10. Not too shabby. How did I do it?
Well I printed out the list and posted it at my computer, so I’d be reminded constantly of the tasks I wanted to accomplish, and needed to accomplish.

So …My General “Hybrid” list of lessons learned and focus strategies for ’09

1) Update the rest of my demos by 3/31/09
2) Market harder
3) Keep reading. I’ve learned so much from this.
4) Keep an open mind. Realize how much I don’t know. Never stop learning.
5) Keep training. I learned I can book more work the more I train.
6) Acquire more talent agents.
7) Set up merchant account on my website.
8) Like Kara, I agree that Pilates works great for sore back, neck muscles especially after 10 hours of editing.
9)I’ve learned that growing my own friuts & veggies saves money, tastes great, and is uber healthy.
10) Refer back to my 2008 resolutions and continue to be a “shining light” within the community I live  and work in, physically and virtually.


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing the link to Kara’s blog. I missed that one. Dave makes some great points as well.

    Like you, marketing is a top priority for me in 2009. And, as well is training and networking; and creating my own projects to use as showcases for my work to prospective clients.

    I’m looking forward to networking and keeping in touch with my cyber-buddies as well. They’re so imporant and precious to me!


  2. Hi Bobbin!

    GREAT tips! Esp. the last one 🙂

    Hope your 2009 is off to a great start!!

    Marsha 🙂

  3. Hi Stefania,
    Thanks so much for being such a “regular” here in these conversations. I think we can all learn so much from each other.

  4. Hey Marsha,
    Thanks for the input, and for your friendship. Have a fabulous 2009!

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