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Well , as I posted about a week and a half ago, I met with voice coach Marice Tobias via telephone for a private session. I have been hesitant to post all about it here for several reasons:

1) It was my investment
2) It was and is very personal
3) I am still processing and assimilating her suggestions and insights into my voiceover business, as it is at this point.

Sure I am blessed. I am a full time voiceover actor, and I work a lot, and earn a good living. But I’d like to earn more and work less, if that makes any sense. In order to do that I will embark on a new journey of discovery in becoming the very best  version of “me” I can be.

What I will say is I felt my investment was worthwhile and that I will be doing some fine tuning of my voiceover business. Heck, we are always in a state of “becoming” It’s just I am going to be paying more rapt attention to all ways I am presenting myself  as an artist.

I feel the process  is going to be fun ,creative, and mind-expanding as I transition into my specific market position “statement”.

That old Cat Stevens song has been popping into my head lately. Most definitely, I am on “the road to find out”.


  1. Hmmm. Sounds like you got beat up pretty good in that session.

    Been there (not with Marice. Its an interesting process but good in the long run.

    Best always

  2. Not really “beat up”, Peter.  It was more like placing everything “me” under a microscope and addressing areas that specifically may be improved. For some voiceovers this is hard to do. They are not open to changing, as they may feel they are at the top of their game, and seek or need no input. I am always open to hearing  and listening to different points of view.

    I found my session extremely intriguing and  a very “heady” experience. It turns out that we have a lot of people in common. I liked her and the time we spent together. I am looking forward to working with her again.

    Hope all is well with you.

  3. I had a couple of calls last year with a coach who offered up some very profound insight into what she was hearing in my voice. It was quite an emotional experience that required quite a LOT of processing. The result has been life changing actually – personally and professionally. And now it is time to get another jolt of energy and insight. Not sure who I will ask to kick me in the pants this time, but I certainly have heard a lot about Marice and others.

  4. Good for you, Connie my friend, & thanks for stopping by. See you tonight at MCA-I?

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