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I love to garden, especially now. Things in my yard are just coming alive again. Of course, living in Southern California allows one to garden year round, but we really do have our seasons.  I have loads of orchids in bloom  right now, and I love to decorate my office & studio with them.  And the Freesias are in bloom outside, so I gather and enjoy their delicious fragrance wafting around the house.

Tending to business is like taking care of a garden, too. Earlier this year I established some goals, planted some seeds, and some of those plantings are reaping nice rewards.

Now that we’re almost through the first quarter of the year….(I can’t believe it!), it’s time to assess progress, and get ready to perform a comparative analysis from year to year.

I’ve already completed 7 out of 10 of my major goals, which included setting up a merchant account so I can take client payments in the form of credit cards, getting Source Connect, setting up my youtube channel, and studying with some voiceover masters, to name a few tasks.

Now I’ll need to add water and pay attention to some specific outstanding items that indeed require more time and attention. I am definitely behind schedule on a very specific item, and then there are others which aren’t critical.

After taking time to assess my forward progression,  I plan to do more planting, thinning, and fertilizing.  And, of course, weeding out activities which can distract me from my focus.  There is a time for fun things, but I can definitely plan and balance and stop to”smell the roses” from time to time.
Growing a business is just a part of life’s journey. Growing a good business, requires energy, effort and attentiveness. Patience too.

But the rewards are definitely worth it.

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  1. Hi Bobbin! I love gardening as well. I’m glad you’re now enjoying the fruits of your labour. Gardening and VO as well. I just made a friend request of you on youtube (I’m anime dolphin.). I love the work you did on the Dr. Wayne Dyer vid. He’s great!


    Stefania 😀

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