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Wow, it’s been a while.  That is, over a week since I last posted, which was last Friday before I went to Denver to visit my daughter to spend a long weekend. It was great, and while in Denver,  I also paid a visit with my newest talent agent, Carol at Go Voices. It turns out we both lived and worked in Milwaukee at the same time, when I was just getting started as a freelance voiceover, and she was running the v/o department at Arlene Wilson (now a subsidiary of Ford Modeling Agency). Plus we lived about 8 or so miles from each other! Small world indeed. Carol is just getting things up and running. She’s been organizing and building her site for at least a year and almost ready to launch in another week or so. I am honored she contacted me, and that I was officially the first talent to walk into her new office!

I came home last Monday, and was coming down with a cold, and felt very tired and wiped out, so blogging was the last thing on my mind, plus I came home to a bunch of scripts requiring my attention. Funny, I was able to work through having the cold. I drank a ton of Throat Coat Tea, with lemon and honey, lots of water and hit the hay pretty early each night.

The weekend was busy with Mother’s Day and family activity, plus we’re getting ready to do some remodeling around the old homestead. We’re getting new flooring installed throughout most of the house, plus some painting, carpeting and a bathroom update. So picking out stuff takes time.  This coming weekend we’re having a rummage sale to unload some furniture, and whatever’s left over is going to Goodwill.

Then the workers will be here, and it’ll be noisy and dusty, as there wil be tile removal to make way for the new wood flooring. The whole thing will be done over the course of about 10 days.  I’ll probably have to work on my recording at night.  

I’ve been really busy this week so far with some narrations and new clients, and more jobs are coming in. Tomorrow is booked for the most part. with an e-learning gig.  Gotta pay for all this new stuff.

I should also mention that today I had the pleasure of having coffee with Marice Tobias while she was in San Diego, scouting locations to hold one of her weekend seminars currently in the planning stages.

Life is good, and I’m grateful.

Well I have some filing to take care of now, so signing off.


  1. Hi Bobbin,
    Nice to see the DENVER Nuggets moving on to the NBA Western Conference Finals after disposing of Dallas last night!
    And celebrating a birthday today is baseball’s best starter, Roy Halladay, of the Toronto Blue Jays. He was born in DENVER 32 years ago.

    Sports and spots (commercials)…
    Those are 2 things I love:)

    Best, Ralph

  2. Hi Ralph,
    Never knew you were such a sports lover. Thanks for visiting! I’ll keep an eye out on my Packers & Chargers.

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