Photos from My Summer Vacation

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Man, it’s tough to get ready to leave for vacation. So many details to handle. And it’s been bonkers since returning. Waiting for me was a garden with about 5 pounds of green beans, tomatos and squash that had to be picked and processed, a mountain of mail, rush v/o jobs, laundry, grocery shopping to get some food here and general organizing.

Thus it’s taken me a while to even download the following photos.
I think I mentioned we stayed with a friend, and I made a makeshift recording booth in her basement. John Florian at VoiceoverXtra was curious if I took a photo of it. Sorry. No. The basement had a built-in countertop and cabinets above. I affixed towels behind  the screen of my laptop, wrapped myself up in a comforter and also placed a towel over the keyboard while recording (to screen out fan noise) Ta-dah!

OK- so my drawing is silly, but the auditions created with my handy Samson C01U usb  mic.and my Goldwave software saved the day, and my agents were please that I responded, even while on vacation!

This is Beaver Lake in Hartland, Wisconsin where I grew up. Yes, the lake is really that teal blue color.

Me and a radio colleague from Milwaukee, Susie Austin. “Two broads casting from the North Lake Inn”

Say “Cheese”-(In front of Widmer’s Cheese Factory- Theresa, WI.)

Inside the cheese factory- See the bricks curing on the shelf.

Sampling what made Milwaukee famous at the Stone Bank Corn & Brat Roast. Note the 12-piece band. Smokin!

Went for a hike at Horicon Marsh, formed by the Green Bay lobe of the Great Wisconsin Glacier that virtually covered the area some 15,000 years ago.

From the pier at my sister’s home on Lake Nemahbin, where my nephew taught me how to play “Texas Hold’em”. Beginners luck would have it that I cleaned up. Too bad we we only playing with chips!

Well I won’t bore you with any more. But it always feels so good to go home.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin. It’s a comforting feeling to see places and people from your home town. Not a lot has changed there, in this fast moving world. It was a welcome break, and now it’s good to be back in my California home, too.

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  1. Fantastic Bobbin! Thanks for sharing the details. I’ll remember the towel and comforter trick. Very adaptable and creative bunch are we voiceover peeps! 😀

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