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While I was away on vacation, playing and having fun, feeling great and basically unplugging myself from the computer, I came back to find some extremely interesting series of posts in the VOX Daily blog at on vocal health. Within this post you’ll have access to an audio link featuring voice actor Bob Green’s voice, in a healthy and stressed state. Amazing information on thyroplasty:

…and on the dangers of whispering and how it can fatigue and dehydrate the cords:

then another on vocal cord health:

I am compelled to tell you that these articles resonate with me because I feel it is critical to tend to nurturing our voices as much as we do all aspects of our voiceover careers. I’ve become ever so mindful over the last five years or so of protecting my “money maker”, and ensure it receives proper rest.

Upon returning home last week, I think I may have picked up a little virus while traveling. Dry plane cabin air combined with dry, hot Southern California weather at the time dehydrated my sinuses so badly that I am now nursing the mother of all headaches, and a very sore throat. On top of this, my tongue is sore on the same side that my throat is red, so it really hurts which make it difficult to properly articulate. This is a copy killer for sure!

I am a big proponent of natural healing wherever possible. I’m finding that zinc, throat coat tea and gargling with warm salt water has helped immensely and feel I’m on the mend. I was going to make an appointment to see my doctor, but no longer feel the need to see her. Yay!

At times like this I am truly appreciative for normality. Here’s to your good vocal health!


  1. Hi Bobbin,

    Thank you for highlighting the vocal health series at VOX Daily! It was a joy to write and I discovered a wealth of experiences and information from friends that I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise and was grateful to bring to the fore.

    It’s wonderful to hear that someone of your experience and caliber of talent is taking care of their moneymaker! You can’t help but do so. Thank you for spreading the message that care of the voice is just as important as doing the work itself.

    May you always be in good voice 🙂

    Take care,


  2. Stephanie,
    The pleasure was mine, and the topic too important to not to highlight here. I appreciate the amount of time and research you put into this particular series. The VOX Daily is a wonderful service you provide, and I admire your dedication to the v/o community. Thank you!

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