Happy Monday! Over the weekend I literally crushed the tip of the middle finger in my right hand during a boating accident and I’ve been in quite a bit of pain. Because it will be hard for me to type and enjoy the full use of my mouse-clicking hand, I will be posting articles of interest until the hand is “well-in-hand”.

Balancing reality with “the dream” of a lucrative career in voiceover is what this article is all about.

Anyone who is new to the voiceover business or considering entry into this line of work should read this no-nonsense article  at VoiceoverXtra by voice coach Bettye Zoller.

Here’s the link:

I’ve been trying to “suck it up” on the pain issue since Saturday, but I think I’ll go see my doctor and get an x-ray today. Please think good thoughts!


  1. Ouch, that sounds very painful Bobbin.

  2. Bobbin,

    Years ago, my wife, running with a puppy, tripped on the leash, went down and broke three fingers. I remember well the trip to the emergency room, the setting of the fingers, the road back to recovery, the therapy. I had a friend at the time who was a hand model and when I told her about she literally cringed…would ask for a progress report each time I saw her. So I can relate to the injury. My thoughts are with you. Make a speedy recovery.

    Fred Keeler

  3. Hope your finger gets better quickly. I can imagie it is difficult to project an upbeat voice when you are in pain.

    A smashed finger is very painful and you always seem to be bumping it. A break can be bad, but you have assulted, damaged and offended all of the nerves in one of the most sensetive areas of your body. Keep the Ibuprofen handy!

    If your replies to our messages are abbreviated we’ll understand why.

  4. Kris, Fred & Rick,
    Thanks for the kind wishes. Another thing that’s slowing me down is my editing (my right clicking hand) is moving verrrry tentatively. My appointment with the doc is at 3. Hoping the xray is negative for any breaks.

  5. Bobbin! So sorry to hear about your finger. Ouch! Take care and ibuprofen. I have a bit of a back pain from gardening and lifting (I think), so I’m taking them myself. Be well soon! Thanks for sharing Bettye’s article. 😀

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