Nancy Wolfson: Master of the V/O Metaphor

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Absolutely stellar!

In a one-two punch, voice coach Nancy Wolfson’s brilliant savant-like mind works at the speed of light in the way she describes anything. In a recent Vox Daily Blog, titled Voice Casting at the Speed of Sound,  Nancy Wolfson, private voice-over consultant and casting director was formerly a talent agent.

Nancy has told me I could cut & paste her comments here: Of course, to get the overall context of the post, feel free to click on the post title above. And without further delay, here’s Nancy:


Any top service provider brings two key factors to the marketplace game: FASTER & BETTER.

Consider this scenario (with regard to the talent agency model of how talent is sought and procured):

An ad agency is looking for a voice talent via the pipeline.
Scripts are sent from ad agency to a multitude of talent agents. Those agents get all the info they need on the project and then send that audition out to their talent pools with “return your mp3 to us” deadline dates baked into the audition template.

As someone who sits at the intersection of many of these situations, on more occasions than I can count, I have witnessed the ad agency acting to hire the VO talent submitted by “early bird gets the worm” talent agencies several DAYS before some of the other agents even finished culling auditions.

The early bird gets that worm.

But the long term “wins” come from “early bird” talent agencies who get auditions in faster but also provide buyers with auditions that are superior in quality to what is being submitted by the competition.

The seasoned bird who flies stronger through inclement weather, knows where to hunt and is better at yanking that worm out of the hole more swiftly than others gets early worms and more worms over time.

A well staffed talent agency with ears refined enough to know where to find the best talent, which scripts to send on to whom and how to hone the roster as well as how to streamline the process becomes the best service provider to the talent seeker.

Not every talent is qualified to be with the “fast bird” or “better bird” agencies for a variety of reasons, not every early bird agency is delivering the best reads, some of the best agencies can exhale and not play the speed game because they have high end talent that they know the ad agency will wait to hear.
There are many permutations of the scenario, many factors at play…

People who invest in personalized advice that betters their skills and gives them the inside info to counsel them on which agencies are right for them will find the right “birds” to rep them at the appropriate junctures as their careers are developed.

Meanwhile… thanks to the direct access talent can procure via, VO folks who invest in becoming excellent at their game can, in the B2B pipeline of their business models, be their OWN “faster” and “better” birds!


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