Exploring the “Demo World” with Pat Fraley

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Saturday was a very busy day. I woke up, showered , drank my coffee and headed out the door and arrived in Los Angeles with a half hour to spare. I arrived at Buzzy’s Recording Studio in Hollywood at the same time as one of our esteemed voice coaches for the day, Pat Duke.  It was a day to embark on “Demo World”, presented by voice coach extraordinaire, Pat Fraley. Class began promptly at 9:30.

The Saturday workshop, attended by 12 lucky voiceover actors had a singular focus on a multi-faceted subject, the “almighty demo”.
The event staff incuded Pat Fraley, as teacher and director, Pat Duke, Guest Teacher and Director, Kent McCaman, Guest Producer and Director, Andy Morris, Engineer, and Denise Chamberlain, Event Coordinator.

Pat Fraley, Kent McCaman, and Pat Duke during lecture

We discussed all types of demos and all the fine nuances of the top 7 Voiceover Demos: Commercial, Animation/Character, Interactive/Gaming, Narration, Audiobook, Promo, and Radio Imaging.
The topic at hand covered the history of the demo, why are they needed, who are they for,  and the anatomy of an excellent demo.

During the lecture, we listened to a number of demos of top talent. By the way, do listen to the amazing demos by Pat Duke. This guy seriously rocks!

We also covered production value, writing, personal style and branding, preparation (preproduction) direction, and post processing.
Then we jumped into the studio and recorded rounds of copy, getting directed by the best in the biz and came home with usable snippets to use in the next edit of demos.

As usual, we worked later (ya gotta love that) and wound up things about 7PM. Here we are. A very informative and hard-working day was had by all.

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  1. Is that Rachel Rauch I see there in the last picture?

    That girl seems to be everywhere these days… lol!

    Sounds like you had a great time. I’ll have to head out to the West Coast again sometime soon to get some of that VO goodness you folks are soaking up.


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