Brain Tracks Audio: Acting For Advertising Pt.9

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Here is information about a cool teleseminar that could help your voiceover business, and it’s only $39.
My vo pal Anna Vocino recently sent the following exciting information that I am happy to share.

            Acting for Advertising Part 9, Wednesday, October 14th

Join Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino on October 14th at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific for Acting for Advertising Part 9.

This is not a sequel.  Each of these Teleseminars reveals a chapter from Nancy’s core curriculum, useful Q and A from your peers, plus more marketing and business tips that you can put to use immediately.

Each moment offers unique “behind the velvet rope of the agency/casting scene” advice not available anywhere else.

60 minute lecture, 15 min Q & A…so bring your questions and notebooks!

Just $39 gets you on the call.

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to  take you where you can sign up, or Click here to visit Break Into Voice Over.

Here are just a few of the topics to be covered:

    * If Only…Know Your Buried Promise

    How to ferret out the insidious & possibly unsupportable Sneaky Ad Strategy Subtext.

    Learn where they bury it and how to tease it properly.

    Miss it, and you miss a paycheck.

    * Behind The Agent Curtain  

         Managers: What are they, and what do they do? Why are people paying
         so much for them? Do I need a manager for voiceover?

         Be careful what you Twitter!

         How to adjust rates “in this economy.” Should you be lowering yours?

    *  Actor to Actor         

         The one piece of equipment that will keep you from losing jobs.

         Give your job to a friend if you’re not available.

         What to do when you are sick.

    * And as always, a Killer Q & A! 

Click the Brain Tracks Audio logo above or Click here to visit Break Into Voice Over to  sign up.

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