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My talented voiceover friend, Dave Courvoisier has become quite a fan of the social media scene and has integrated  and leveraged social networking fully into his business. Dave recently shared his knowledge in a teleseminar hosted by Voiceover Directory.

I will be sharing co-host duties with him at VOICE 2010 next June in Los Angeles, where he and another good VO buddy of ours, Terry Daniel will be presenting a class on this very topic. 

Dave has graciously emailed me  the corrected link  that covers much of the material discussed. I hope you’ll find it of interest

All you Tweeters…Please don’t tar & feather me.  I’m on Twitter too. And Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Plaxo, Naymz, etc…..On the flip side of the topic, Jay Deragon discusses the frenzy of Social media here in the “Relationship Economy”. Read this. And then decide what approach is best for you.

To simplify my social life online, I’ve just adopted

I love social networking. It’s fun and educational, but I have my limits in the amount of time I can dedicate. Plus it’s not all about selling, bragging, or knowing what someone is eating for breakfast.  It’s about helping people and sharing interesting information. And of course, there is work to do.


  1. Thanks for this enlightening blog Bobbin. I’ll check Dave’s info out.

    I agree with you 100%, posting in the social media should not be exclusively all about how many gigs, etc. we’ve done that day. Ho-hummm! It’s also wonderful to come across interesting, helpful info and post that so that others can benefit from the knowledge!

    You’re doing a fine job. Cheers!


  2. Stefania,
    I truly appreciate hearing from you. Helpful information or sharing is key. And it’s not all about self-promotion all the time,  or frivolous stuff, which I see a lot of. The only place I like to play and goof off is Facebook, but I always maintain a professional foot forward.

  3. Bobbin,

    Thanks for this wonderful post… I appreciate your passing along my info.

    Just one thing. The link to my newsletter as it stands, is wrong. There needs to be a “c” on the very end of the URL…otherwise, it sends you to some weired photobucket picture. So it should be:

    or the original URL:

    Yeah…that’s why I shortned it!!!

    Thanks again… I’ll pass along hugs to everyone here in NYC!

    Dave Courvoisier

  4. Dave,
    That is so strange how it (the c) dropped off, but I’ve now corrected the post. I appreciate your pointing this out. When I preview (proof)posts from my side, links are not active. I incorrectly assumed it was a-OK. And then I didn’t bother to look at the live post. My BAD!!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    All the Best,

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