Week In Review

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Random Thoughts About the Week In Review

So, here I am scrambling for some original content. I’m pressed for time, like most of us at this time of year.  So How can I be unique and clever? I guess, by simply stating what’s happening around here. Nobody else can experience the same, except in a parallell universe, right? Of course, who ever would like to read this stuff, too may think this is all so clever as well. A week in the Life. I’m just stating the facts as they’ve unfolded.

Monday was great. I cracked my nut for the week with ProFlowers.com- a national radio. Cool. My payment arriced today! Merry Christmas.

Tuesday I had an ISDN session that was unique. I worked with two other voice actors, Rodney Schumacher , and Brian La Fontaine. Each of the talent on the line were in their respective locations around the country, me in San Diego, plus the agency in Florida, and the client in the northeast. It took a few minutes to sync everyone and get the levels just right so we could all hear each other and do some voice acting, which is what the commercials were all about. It was a joyride working with those two fabulous v/o gents!

Next Day: A couple of short web vids for Red Lion Hotels, a couple of corporate vid narrations,  a national radio spot for Lifelock, and the week was busy with lovely voiceover work. A great SAG audition too, among others. Not too bad for timing being so close to the big holidays. I’m expecting things will settle down quite a bit next week.

Oh, yes. I finally got myself a smart phone. A BlackBerry…and a 2 year contract. I can already see I get too many junk mails, and must address this soon! The keys are so tiny, I really have to look at the keyboard to make sure I’m hitting the delete button.

James & Penny held a holiday gathering last eve, and that was fun.

Oh My: My Readers’ Digest  copy hasn’t arived yet. I usually have assignments ready  for the AIRSLA monthly podcast done by now. Must be a mail slow down due to the volume. Guess I’ll be working on this over the holidays.

I’m thinking about my New Years’s resolutions, which are simply stated,  goals for the upcoming year. I need to commit the plans to paper. Oh yes, and there’s another update to the business plan. Maybe over the weekend.

I am thankful, still. Wonder what I’ll do when I grow up.


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