2010: Have a G-R-E-A-T Year

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Have A GREAT Year


Oh boy, 2010 is here. The first decade of the 21st century is over. My mind’s been buzzing with ideas about what I’d like to accomplish in 2010 and beyond.  I dislike use the term, “resolutions.” I think there’s too much temptation to fall off the resolution wagon by Valentine’s day. That said, at the ending of one year, there’s a need many of us have to clear the slate and begin anew, which I wholeheartedly subscribe to. But instead of making resolutions I lean more toward the concept of goal-setting, also known as strategic planning.


As I embark into a new decade, it’s time to assess. Not just the last year, but indeed the last decade. It’s amazing to reflect on where I was and what’s transpired in my personal and professional realities since watching the ball drop around the world on New Year’s Eve in 1999 to usher in the new millennium.


If you won one million dollars, would you still want to be a voice actor? For me, yes, even if I won $25 million!


I’ve been hanging out from time to time at my local library, and picking up some outstanding books on personal development, in book and audio form. I also subscribe to Jim Rohn’s(RIP) “Seeds of Success” updates via email. I’ve been also perusing various discussions in online groups addressing topics which affect our industry.


One of the books discusses the idea that many think that success means having a great life. However, true success is really about making a great life. It means that you must make a conscious effort at making things happen, not just letting them randomly happen.


To make life GREAT:


G —Set forth goals and start with dreams. A real goal is clear & specific. Define your future vision for yourself, creating specific goals you want to achieve and a deadline to accomplish them. I write mine down, and look at them every day, so I’ll be reinforcing my efforts daily and directing my thoughts toward accomplishing my goals, my dreams. I’ll do whatever it takes to make them happen. Write down what will be needed , in order of priority to go the distance, and it will make a difference, by defining and realizing. Do something every day that will move you closer to critical success, and never quit. Persistence counts!


R—Results. Be results oriented. Commit to excellence, because it is expected in order to keep up with the competition. Compare your business disposition with the previous year to date and set benchmarks. Know your financial numbers. Having better knowledge and control of your finances will allow for better creativity, which in turn will fuel your growth. Break the bonds of self-doubt, and get better at what you do daily. Small differences in ability consistently, will make you emerge as one of the best in the industry.


E— Education. Never stop learning all you can so you can stay on top of the constant changes in the business. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and uniques competitive advantage. What is your area of specialization, and what will it be in the future. If you do the same things over and over the same way because its comfy, you’ll be left behind. Get feedback from voice coaches. Segment and identify your perfect niche and know your customers. Whatever your area of natural talent, you’ll be naturally drawn to it, and want to learn to get better and better. These insights will reveal your true calling. Let yourself go and throw yourself into your work., as you discover and develop your talent., and work to become the very best in your field. Ken Blanchard said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”.


A— Action- Don’t just pay “ lip service” (no pun intended) or write goals down without your intention of acting on them. Break down goals or issues or problems into smaller tasks that could be handled in a day, or projects what needs to be accomplished the following day, and review them before going to bed. Chances are you’ll be able to breeze through them and stay better on task. Concentration on your focus is key to success.


T— Time management. Time is your most valuable asset. Be mindful of all daily activities for the highest energy and return on your career. We all are given the same precious amount of time in every 24-hour day. Spend it on focusing on what you really want to achieve by reading for an hour or two a day on our industry, enriching your grey matter. Pay attention to the things that will keep you progressing. Don’t waste time on mindless pursuits. I know what those are for me- (I won’t say specifically what they are because this is no confessional)  So time wasters be-gone! Know what activities represent value to you and your goals. Keep your mindset anchored to your goal.


Oh yes, I , like a lot of people are resolving to eat better in the new year and to shed that holiday pooch. My leader at Weight Watchers inspired me yesterday with this quote, which kind of ties in with this article:


“Watch your thoughts,

For your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions,

And your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your destiny.”


Make it a GREAT 2010!


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