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I received the following email  after Bettye Zoller’s Webinar about finding your “Money Voice” this past week and am reprinting with permission of voice actor Tracy Thibodeaux.  I am including my reply. Hopefully some voiceover folks might find this of interest:

Subject: got your name during last night’s webinar…i come in peace

Hi, Bobbin,

> I need some advice and I hope that you will take the time-should you
> actually ever get it LOL-to give it to me.  You have made for yourself
> quite an impressive business and I need to figure out how best to
> pursue that for myself.  I figured, ask the best and your credentials
> are certainly top shelf!
> I am not new to voiceover; I have been in the business since ’98.
> Until recently, however, I relied solely on some of the local
> production houses for my work.  Now I have my own studio; it’s bare
> bones, mind you, but it’s what I have for now.  In other words, I have
> no ISDN or SourceConnect yet, just my Mac, MBox, mic and a “padded
> cell.”  I noticed you have representation coast to coast and I can
> understand why.  My question is: How do I, lacking ISDN or
> SourceConnect until I can get enough work to buy it, get
> representation?  Bettye mentioned getting numerous producers.  What’s
> the best way to get that done?  Is that just finding directories of
> production houses and cold calling?  Where do I get my hands on such a
> directory?
> Thanks very much, Bobbin, for your time and consideration.  I hope to
> hear from you, but if I don’t, my sincerest wishes for your continued
> success!
> Sincerely,
> Tracy Thibodeaux

Hi Tracy,
> You are so sweet to reach out. Thank you for your kind words, too.
> Where to start with your question… I’d suggest forming a business 
> plan  which details your marketing plan. Your plan is your road map. There 
> are a  vast amount of resources on the web that are helpful. Join some of the
> online voice sites, like and Voice123, and audition like 
> crazy.  You’d contact production houses out of your immediate locale a 
> number of  ways, and it definitely helps to be online, and have a website. 
> Submit to  every one that you can. Social Media is another avenue. Meet agents, 
> casting  folks, and studio personnel by joining professional networking groups.
> Are you attending VOICE 2010 in LA next month? You absolutely 
> should!!!
> Hundreds of Voiceover pros from all skill levels, agents, and 
> voiceover  coaches will be there. And they know so much more than I do. That’s 
> why I  go… To surround myself with a fantastic brain trust. Go to
> to learn all about it.

You will learn and network so much so fast your head will be 
> spinning for  days. It will be so worth the time, effort, and cost of doing 
> business.

> Sounds like you need to kick your career up a notch or several.
> I’m not sure if I’ve helped. Let me know if I can reprint this for 
> my blog.
> There are a lot of people who are in the same position and can relate!

> All The Best,
> Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

Good Morning, Bobbin!

My humblest apology for failing earlier to respond to the kind
reply containing great, fundamental and foundational advice.
I will follow it, believe me.

I will, unfortunately, be unable to attend VOICE 2010.  Perhaps
next year.  I intend to make myself a known entity in the voice
over industry and I will have done it, in large part, to the kind
contributions of people like you.

Of course, you may use our correspondence on your blog

Thanks again, Bobbin!

Tracy Thibodeaux


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