VOICE 2010: The Countdown begins.

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I can’t believe it is now only two more weeks until VOICE 2010.  After about 18 months of planning, it’s almost here! I’ve been a volunteer for these events ever since the first VOICE 2007 conference in Las Vegas, where I met so many new friends and have developed those relationships since. Many of those folks returned to the 2008 conference, and even more will be at this one. I can barely contain my excitement.

James Alburger and Penny Abshire deserve the kudos for putting this labor of love together what I liken to “Voiceover Disneyland”. This is all about the opportunity to sharpen  our professional skills, learn of new technologies to aid us in our work and a biggie for me…hanging out with my kindred brothers and sisters in our voiceover community.l

We can all learn something here. I am on a constant quest to expand out of the comfort of my “padded cell” (studio) and take it all in. Lots of my friends are presenting and appearing on various panels. Many of my favorite voice coaches and even a casting director are presenting. Check out the schedule! http://www.voiceacting.com/VOICE_conference/html/programs.html#VOICE2010schedule

Wherever you are in your voiceover career, you’ll find a broad diversity of VOICE 2010 programs to give you the information you need to take your voiceover work to new levels. All programs are open sessions. You do not need to sign up in advance for any program, and you may move between session rooms as you choose.

The schedule below is provided as a reference only and is subject to change. Some sessions listed below may change or be replaced with a different Presenter and some time slots may change. The final schedule will be posted here and in the VOICE Magazine/Program. Event locations will be in the VOICE Magazine/Program and on signs at the event.

Here’s an alphabetical list of VOICE 2010 Presenters.
Here’s an alphabetical list of VOICE 2010 Panelists.
Here’s the VOICE 2010 schedule

My friend Dave Courvoisier and I are co-hosting. Dave is also heading up a seminar with another friend, Terry Daniel on social media. Peter O’Connell is sitting on John Florian’s panel. John has written up a post about it here and Peter’s written a blog post about it here .  At at 11AM Saturday June 5th I am honored to have been asked by my talented vo pal , John Taylor to sit on his panel, “Voiceover from the Trenches. The working Pros”.

As I did back at VOICE 2008, I’ll be part of John Florian’s blogger team to report on the event for VoiceoverXtra .

So much to look forward to.



  1. Really looking forward to meeting you in person, Bobbin. Can’t believe it’s only two weeks away! 🙂

  2. After being virtual friends for the past couple of years, I second that emotion! See you in LA.
    All The Best,

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