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Thursday, June 3rd.


What a very exciting beginning to the VOICE 2010 Conference.
After arriving yesterday, the buzz  in
the hotel is ablaze with “great vibes”. 
After configuring the way-finding 
event signage yesterday afternoon, it was time to head off to the
penthouse for the traditional VOICE staff & volunteer champagne toast night,
photos and recognition awards to kickoff the event, followed by the “Red
Carpet” party. There were about 400 attendees. There are voiceover actors here came
from as far away as Japan, Turkey,  and Australia. The mood is definitely


I took a bunch of photos that I have yet to post. Thanks to
John Florian, my camera is now battery-powered. Right now I’m looking for some
simple photo compression software to reduce the size of my gigantic digital
camera files.


I went to dinner with MCAI pals Connie Terwilliger, Brian
Paige and Jeff Gelder at nearby “Pink Taco”restaurant. Upon departure, we ran
into a table of about 25+ friends from the vo-bb.  Since I’d been up since about 5:45 AM and
slept fitfully the night before, I was ready to wind down for the night. Upon
heading back through the hotel lobby, at the bar were more pals, including
Terry Daniel, Trish Basyani, Joe Cipriano, Jeff McNeal , Steve Savanyu, and
many others.


Oh I could’ve danced all night but I was pooped. I said my
hellos and gave hugs and went to bed.


Woke up at 7:30, read email, and downloaded some photo
software and tried to understand it when I realized at 8:45, that I was due
downstairs in 15 minutes to co-host with with partner Dave Courvoisier the
general session with Pat Fraley.


YIKES! I threw on some clothes, makeup and without my
coffee, made my way there in time.


Pat Fraley’s session on Voiceover comedy  rendered a delightful surprise guest: “Every Loves
Raymond’s”  Brad Garrett. What a hit!


I finally got myself a giant coffee that  promptly spilled on my brand-new clothing, so
I ran to the room, changed and made it back to introduce my first assigned
breakout session; Dan Lenard’s  “Building
Your Home Studio”. More to come.


Oops I forgot to eat. It’s nearly noon and my stomach’s
growling.  More to come. Hopefully photos
very soon.


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