Using Movement in Voiceover

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Using Movement In Voiceover

by Bobbin Beam

A great thing that seems to work for me and many others in bringing about the transformation of a script reading to a brilliant performance is the use of bodily movement.

Remember that while we are  thinking beings, have have done all the copy analysis and have made our choices,  we should not be still while performing the script . Or you’ll just be reading, and will sound like you’re  reading, which I would venture to say will not ever win the gig.

For many, the experience can be inhibiting or intimidating to be standing in front of a microphone, thinking about script mechanics, proximity to the microphone’s cardioid pattern and hoping your brain, mouth, vocal folds, and heart engage correctly…and then become stiff, tense and into your head.

After script break down and you’ve done all your homework in that early part of the voice acting process, there is a trans-formative moment where you must allow the voice acting part to begin.

Acting is reacting, and you must react to the words in the script, mentally place yourself in the moment and allow yourself to move with the copy. Try it and see what happens. Practice by recording one take just reading and not moving. Then make sure you’re warmed up in whatever way works, have done all your tongue and lip trills, vocal scales, tongue twisters, jumped around, stretched, etc. Then allow yourself to connect with the artist within and play.  Record another take and listen back, Chances are you’ll hear an enormous change.

Use your hands in various ways. Point, gesture, conduct an orchestration, word by word, shrug your shoulders, place your hand on your heart, open your arms, stand on one foot, or whatever it takes to get the words  that come out of your mouth to become yours.  (Side Note: Be sure to wear clothing that doesn’t make noise. )

When you’re loose, relaxed, and allow the mind-body connection to flow, that’s when the creativity and artistry of the performance will stand and deliver!



  1. Great article Bobbin!

  2. Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback. Sometimes, as you know, you kind of feel like you’re in a vacuum when you post blog entries. So it’s great to hear from you..

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