Thanksgiving Challenge: Day #4

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Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine  and author of The Compound Effect says, “To be great, be grateful”.

Darren’s come up with a Thanksgiving challenge. He suggests:

 “My challenge to you is to think of an area of your life you are
having difficulty in and want to improve. For the next 21 days, take
three minutes at the end of the day and write down what about that
problematic situation you appreciate, what’s good and what you’re
grateful for. This could be a confrontational co-worker at the office,
your job as a whole or your troubled marriage… anything or anyone that
frustrates or negatively affects you.

I promise you, when you change how you look at a situation, the situation changes.”

DAY #4

I have two grown daughters home for this wonderful holiday weekend and I still referee their occasional spats. I find this quite irritating for a couple of reasons and is something I struggle with.

First of all, my older girl (a full grown adult) likes to tease the younger one (the college student) and once they get going, they feed off each other and escalate the bickering like little children.

Of course I live  to maintain a very peaceful harmonious home, and prefer to keep it this way .   I become annoyed with them for always playing “sibling rivalry” at some point when they’re together. I really think these two sisters secretly enjoy their sometimes heated clashes. It’s me who wants them to stop.

Secondly, I am somewhat  weary when “Mom” has to step in and do her thing, disrupting the peace I cherish.
I don’t yell or raise my voice (too much)  during the cat-fights. I must save it for voice acting of course!

I ‘ve come to a place in my life I am thankful for  where I can diffuse their issues by laying down the law about how ridiculous they sound , see them make up and admit they’ve over-reacted….and promptly change the subject to more pleasant and important things.

I am grateful to have two beautiful daughters I adore and see them doing great things with their lives, despite the meaningless spats. I am pleased to say they are presently bonding at the frozen yogurt joint down the street.

 I see two young women maturing and growing closer, and I have the satisfaction that peace has one again been restored. For now.

They are a constant reminder of a legacy of love and life in in its perfect imperfection. And for this I am eternally grateful.


  1. That was a beautiful essay of gratitude, Bobbin. I’ll bet things felt better after you wrote it. It’s a great example of a positive way to deal with a troublesome situation. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hi Caroline- Thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

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