Thanksgiving Challenge Day #12

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Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine  and author of The Compound Effect says, “To be great, be grateful”.

Darren’s come up with a Thanksgiving challenge. He suggests:

 “My challenge to you is to think of an area of your life you are
having difficulty in and want to improve. For the next 21 days, take
three minutes at the end of the day and write down what about that
problematic situation you appreciate, what’s good and what you’re
grateful for. This could be a confrontational co-worker at the office,
your job as a whole or your troubled marriage… anything or anyone that
frustrates or negatively affects you.

I promise you, when you change how you look at a situation, the situation changes.”

DAY 12

While watching 60 minutes tonight, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed by Leslie Stahl- at great length, I will add. In the next day or so Facebook will change its look, again. More content, more information. more integration into the fabric of people’s lives will become embedded into Facebook’s framework. And perhaps, a little less privacy.
What to me once was a cool place to hang out and be social …. share photos, anecdotes  with friends  and relatives has become somewhat an unruly cacophony of in-your face commercialism laced with a lack of privacy.

I’ve been thinking about it (how I really feel about Facebook) a long time. I know I’m probably now being thought of as anti-social, which is not the case at all. I just don’t like being SOLD all the time. I don’t play Farmville. I don’t send little green plants, I don’t “like” a lot of things because my account there got hacked once, so I’m pretty careful about what I click on. It’s a hassle I don’t need often times. I don’t have a “fan” page, and I don’t click on stuff that allows access to my personal information. Yes, I’m kind of a contrarian sometimes. And I have also been known to be a forward thinker, a thought leader, and a person who definitely likes to do her own thing.

While I do engage in social networking, that includes Facebook, Twitter etc… I do have a lot of “friends”. Many I haven’t ever met! (friends of friends) I use FB to say Hi once in a while, and share some laughs, experiences. I don’t use it as a platform to foster sycophants, brag, boast, beg for attention. I just am who I am.

I am thankful that I’m comfortable enough in my own skin that I have the courage to be who I am and state how I feel on a given topic. I’m comfortable with my need for privacy. Like I don’t state what I eat for breakfast and where. And I don’t care what Ashton Kucher eats for breakfast either. Like who cares???

I am thankful for this Thanksgiving challenge because it’s enabling be to peel away layers of topics that perplex sometimes and the unfolding opportunity to express my challenges with them and the abounding thankfulness I feel when I peer deeply into them.

Like Jim Rohn kept saying in one of his inspiring speeches, “Walk AWAY from the time wasters!”


  1. Hi Bobbin,

    I watched some of the “60 Minutes” interview last night too. There are pros and cons to all aspects of the networking tools that voiceover pros use. Isn’t Twitter “Much More In-Your-Face?”

    I started on Facebook in the spring of 2007 and have 308 Facebook friends. I am actually aware of who they are and where they “fit in” (former school classmates, people I have actually worked with, relatives). I don’t really just want to be a Facebook “statistic” (as opposed to a “friend”) for voiceover folks and that is certainly the case I would guess as some folks have well over 4, 000 “friends.” And if you want to network with me, at least have the common courtesy to include an introductory note on Facebook. Would you expect a potential client to hire you with a lack of effort in that regard? Being a friend of a friend of a friend doesn’t carry much weight any more.

    I see people wanting more realness on Facebook and not so much FAKEbook.
    I encourage voice talents to get a blog and share their brand there.

    Ralph Hass

  2. Hi Ralph,
    Thanks so much for your valued insights. Yes, Twitter is most definitely more in your face, and it is what it is. I accept that.

     So is Facebook, but it’s moving more into the realm of Twitter on steroids. I liken it to going to the local mall at Holiday season. Sometimes I want to be there, but when it feels like “Fake Book”, I turn away. And I agree that friendship request should have a note of request. This is not about how many friends you can have that you don’t know, right? What is it? A popularity contest? It’s unmanageable at times.
    Oh well, I know many will disagree with me and think I’m the Grinch!


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