Thanksgiving Challenge Day #16

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Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine  and author of The Compound Effect says, “To be great, be grateful”.

Darren’s come up with a Thanksgiving challenge. He suggests:

 “My challenge to you is to think of an area of your life you are
having difficulty in and want to improve. For the next 21 days, take
three minutes at the end of the day and write down what about that
problematic situation you appreciate, what’s good and what you’re
grateful for. This could be a confrontational co-worker at the office,
your job as a whole or your troubled marriage… anything or anyone that
frustrates or negatively affects you.

I promise you, when you change how you look at a situation, the situation changes.”


DAY 16

A problematic situation I appreciate? Oh boy. How about compound problems? While I won’t scoop out all the details, I must say that today was a major challenge. So much so that I am a bit teary as I write.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer tells us in “Your Erroneous Zones”, the reality is nobody really cares if you’re having a bad day, so I will not elaborate much. Life is sometimes just not fair! Of course it’s not fair. But that’s life. Curveballs! Deal with it!

My challenge today does not have to do with health or family, so I am thankful for that much. But it does have do do with bottom-line business issues.  However, I  have control over how I react to the issues.
I’ll control how I elect to approach a setback. Which means I’ll work harder than I already am. 

For some strange reason, I am not completely devastated by some negative news that will affect my bottom line in the next year. Perhaps I’ve gone down this road before.

Perhaps nothing can scare me any more.

Today I wrote and  recorded an uplifting podcast  foreseeing a fantastic 2011 offering some professional VO business advice, so I’ll focus on that. And I’ll act on my own advice! The podcast will be released soon at .

When one door closes, I’ll seek another to open.

It’s just 15 days ’til Christmas Eve. I’ll focus on that too, continue to work hard. At least I have the capability to do so. For this and many other things,  I am thankful.


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