Rain Rain and More Rain!

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This post is a little off topic, but I’m telling you we’ve had a lot of rain!. It’s kind of crazy if anyone believes the lyrics of that song, “It never rains in Southern California”.  I can testify that’s not true!

We’re having what is called a “Pineapple Express”- a tropical plume of nonstop moisture extending all the way to Hawaii!  It’s going to mix with an Alaskan cold front for a mega downpour tomorrow.

I’m kind of a weather freak. I’ve always been interested in it. I  even keep a rain gauge in my back yard and have been recording rainfall in the same place since 1998. The biggest part of this storm is predicted to pack a wallop , with high winds, thunder storms, water spouts, snow in the mountains
and move on by Thursday. I can only imagine how this will be impacting other parts
of the USA over the next few days. All I can say is, be ready!!!

And then there are the people who try to drive like a bat out of you
know what, and hydroplane, spin out, roll over and get stuck in flash
flood channels! Oh well.

In the past two days, I’ve recorded 6 3/4″ of the wet stuff. This morning we woke up to a small tree that fell across the driveway.

I am so pleased it was not a taller tree or it could’ve  fallen across my ISDN lines and I wouldn’t have my scheduled sessions today!

Family is visiting and there are small kids. Trying to keep them interested  in something and keeping them contained and quiet during an ISDN or any other recording is a beautiful challenge.

Of course when the work was done, we decorated and baked Christmas cookies, sang carols, and played word puzzles. They’re watching a Disney Classic right now. The rain is in a lull for the moment.

All is quiet on the western front. For now.


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