“On the Road Again”

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This post will be brief, as I am traveling to Denver for about a week. I’m writing this while on the plane so I can post to Bobbin’s Blog as soon as I arrive in “Mile High City”. I just purchased the Audio Technica “AT2020” usb microphone and will use it while on the road for auditions and small jobs.


I’ve decided I did not want to subject my very expensive studio mic, my Neumann TLM 193 to the rigors of travel, and have heard very good things about the AT2020 as a cost-effective road mic with comparable sound quality.


I’m visiting my daughter and will stay in her new house, where I’ve not yet been, so I have no idea as to logistics such as room layout, treatment, and what kind of challenges, if any lay ahead. I’ve left my own portable booth at home. I’ve found it’s bulky for travel,  sounds a bit too dead, and I’ve found I have to read off mic a bit too far off the sweet spot and in order to see a script and have great audio presence & quality. I know my pal Dan Lenard will be all over me about this, by not having my own groovy little electronic script teleprompter but it’s all OK.


I’ve told my regular clients I’ll have limited accessibility to do large and last minute gigs for a few days. I’m working this way by choice this time, and looking forward to the challenge as a growth and learning possibility.


Plus this is a “time out trip”, a little bit of business, and a whole lot of fun!


I’ll be checking in periodically to discuss my new adventure in audio recording on the road with my new AT2020.


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