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Thank you Erik Sheppard , Peter O’Connell, and Dave Courvoisier for bringing the following to the attention of the voiceover community (and hopefully beyond) . I’m trying to help by getting this story circulated. Because, in essense, it’s a story that should concern ALL of us. Read on!

I’ve lifted the following article from Dave Courvoisier’s Blog
by the way, thank you Dave- you’re an incredible writer!

Mary McKitrick is a rock. (just check her website).  Which is to say
she’s rock solid as a voice talent. She’s a seasoned VO professional, a
talented and humble person, and I SHOULD be able to say she’s an
Emmy-Award-Winner…and technically she is (Congratulations, Mary!)…but
she doesn’t really have the statue
to prove it.


(you have a chance to help fix this, please read to the bottom)

Sure, the picture above  shows her holding a statue, but she didn’t
get to bring it home.  The other audio professionals on the documentary
team that won an Emmy got to take a statue home…but not the voice
talent.  Apparently there isn’t a category for that.  Yet, the
directory, the engineer, the producer, and the editor on the documentary
got THEIR statue.

For a good many of us, that seems unfair.

Peter O’Connell was the first to write about this.  See Voice Over Talent Mary McKitrick Wind an Emmy.

Erik Sheppard,
her agent, was also onto the seeming disparity.  Enough so that he
called me and others with the idea of going viral with an appeal. ..a
call for Mary to get a statue.

Here’s Peter’s explanation:

Mary McKitrick, an experienced and talented voice over artist,
was recently engaged to serve as narrator in the beautifully produced
wild life series “Wild View” (www.wildviewseries.org).

With Mary as one part of a truly talented team of media pros on
this series, “Wild View” has received many deserving honors, including
the regional Emmy Award for “Best Audio”.

Unfortunately, the Emmy Awards do not recognize the narrator (in
this case, Mary) as part of the audio team in spite of a narrator’s
significant contribution to project’s like “Wild View” and many series
and documentary programs like it.

So the attention getting goals of  (our appeal), completely created without Mary McKitrick’s participation, is twofold:

  1. 1. Secure for Mary McKitrick her well-deserved EMMY Award as
    narrator on the “Wild View” EMMY Award winning audio production team
  2. 2. Encourage the National Association of Television Arts and
    Sciences to review and update its award criteria to include either
    categories for or the inclusion of narrators as EMMY Award recipients in
    its regional and national awards

Actors get EMMY’s. Voice Actors (narrators) evidently get bupkis. That just seems wrong.

If you agree that these two goals are worth supporting:

  1. 1. Please add your “LIKE” to the page noted below.
  2. 2. Please share this information with others who you think would support the page’s goals and ask them to come “LIKE” it too
  3. 3. Please also write about the page, it’s goals and your
    supportive thoughts about this project on your blog, twitter page or any
    other social media channel you feel worthwhile (links to this page are a
    good thing)

OK…here’s THE page.  A FaceBook entitled A STATUE FOR MARY.

or here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Statue-for-Mary/116980121720583?sk=wall

Please “like” the page, spread the word, Tweet it, FaceBook it, tell your friends, and help Mary get her statue.


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