Making a Dent in The Universe

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While driving through Los Angeles earlier this week I passed the time listening to my Success Magazine CD that arrives free with every issue. I must say that being a faithful subscriber to Success is one of the most impacting things I’ve done for my business as well as my life.

I often will go back and listen to the various interviews with the myriad of visionary thought leaders, because each time I’ll absorb a little bit more.

This month the discussion revolved  around the concept of autonomy, and of “making a dent in the universe” by going about life and work in a masterful, purposeful way. Being master of my own voiceover business does have its challenges, but I enjoy the autonomy, and the sense of inner-strength that dovetails with career momentum, and overflows into all aspects of my life.

There was also talk about how one will feel more motivated when there is a sense of progress; internally as well as externally.  I have certainly felt this way about my voiceover life  as of late. And of course I am very thankful!

Mastery of the craft of voice-acting is unto itself , a self-motivator. I am passionate about my work. The way to mastery involves a lot of listening to feedback. Listen and learn from your coaches, peers, agents, clients, family, friends and neighbors, little children, and don’t forget your dreams. (literally)

If you ignore feedback, you’ll be effectively in a vacuous desert. And you won’t grow.

One important thing: Never be “routine” about how you approach your job. I was thinking this is especially important when auditioning.

  • Routine doesn’t allow for creative, break through ideas.
  • It’s more difficult to not be routine
  • Routine works in the short-term only. 

To use a metaphor: Routine is like throwing gas into a fire…you’ll get a hot and fast flame. Purposeful mastery is more difficult than routine, but you’ll have a log that will burn all night.

By leaving the realm of the routine, we can be facing and conquering challenges that will  force us to grow, and build confidence.

Then we’ll have more value to share with the world.

So, in order to make “your dent”, step completely out and never play small. Make the effort to have a purposeful life that makes the world a better than the way you found it, though your art, your life.

So, instead of hanging around the homestead ,watching Netflix and/or  messing around on my computer tonight, it’s now officially “Date night”. I’m going to dinner and a play with my hubby.  A good friend once told me, “This llife ain’t no dress rehearsal.”


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