A Mid-Summer Eve’s Blog Post

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Ah, all the Summer’s Activities…
This Summer has been full of many delightful, happy
surprises. Along with booking two national radio spots and a national
TV commercial,  I took another acting workshop.

Ever since I can remember I’ve
always wanted to be a performer. I started acting and putting on “shows” in front of my parents. Later I organized my neighborhood acting troupe when I was about nine. (I was the writer, and director  and producer of a number of plays we held in Beam’s Barn. We were “The Beaver Lake Players”.   I was cast in the leads in
high school and college and was a theater arts major until I jumped into
mass communications by my junior year because I became enthralled with broadcasting because I landed a gig on a morning drive show at a major market radio station, WZMF, Milwaukee.

But I’ve always loved comedy, movies, plays, television drama and the emotional places good acting can take me and move me. So I enrolled in a 5 week acting course at Cal State University San Marcos taught by my last Summer’s acting coach, director Lisa Berger.

Many of the class evenings were spent playing theater games,
improvising scenes, and getting the creative juices going. There were
assignments relying on techniques of Uta Hagen and Sanford Meisner.
The  experience has been a wonderful pleasure for me, because I am once again feeling more open and
available to the others  in the class,  and in my life. I liked making new friends,  and listening more fully ,
sharing lots of laughter and marveling at some of the magic we created
during our exercises.

And it was also very nice receiving acknowledgement from our
director-instructor that she saw a big difference in my work since last
summer’s classes. The class is now finished and I have the
acting bug again. I was acting years before I became a voice over artist and “radio
Diva”  Those times now seem like a lifetime ago.

I was born an actor. I’ll always have
a way to go to get to where I’m going.
But I ‘ve come home.


  1. Bobbin!
    YAY! This made me smile!



  2. Yay Liz,
    YOU always make me smile! Thank you!

  3. … I’ve been going through stage/improv withdrawal – maybe it’s time for a good class instead.

    Thanks for a heartfelt story 😉

  4. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for adding to the conversation. Yes, it is always a little bitter-sweet when a good class ends. Then after a bit of processing all the changes you go through, it’s time for another! Hope all is well with you and that you’re enjoying your Summer!

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