Remembering my first VO gig

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When people ask me about when I got into the business, I can say I was really young. Ha!
 I started in radio when I was at the ripe young age of eighteen, but I don’t don’t consider that  a  “Voiceover” job. Sure there were station promos and commercials we would voice and produce, but those were part of the job.

I remember my first professional voiceover job was so much fun. I was actually booked into a studio and got paid for it, and the spot aired all over town on radio. It was summer in Milwaukee, and  I was booked by  the David Joseph ad agency. I just looked them up and I don’t think they’re still around. Nice folks!

The spot was a double. It was for a water bed store, named “The Comfort Zone”. In case you weren’t around then,   water beds were all the rage in the 1970s!  I never had one. Too afraid of leaks.

I played the wife, and local musician and friend, Jules Blatner (of the Warren Groovy Allstar Band),  played my husband, and it was the magic of that session that set my sights on what was to eventually evolve into my passion and full-time profession. 

I played “the wife” as a total character… and I used an upper nasal placement of my voice and then just channeled Wilma Flintstone!  

I improvised this character on the spur of the moment because my hubby’s name in the spot was Fred.

I’ve recreated the most fun part of the script to the best of my recollection.

Open: Sound of a junky car arriving that sounds like it knocked over something in the garage,followed by a few footsteps, the house the door opens:

Fred:      Honey, I’m home!

Music up:  A very jazzy, sexy saxophone version of Gershwin’s “Summertime” plays

Wife:     In the bedroom, Fred!

Fred:    What’s this?

Wife:     It’s a waterbed, Fred!

Fred:     Huh?

Wife:     I bought it at the Comfort Zone! I thought it was time we had a little more fun in bed, Fred!

The session was so much fun, I couldn’t believe we were getting paid! We all laughed so hard during playback we were crying. Great times & perfect memories.

Do you have a first VO gig story to share? I’d love to know.


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