The Pursuit Of Voiceover Excellence

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       I’m back taking a working pro voiceover class Tuesday nights at LA’s Kalmenson & Kalmenson.  I know I’ll be all the better for the challenge and the effort at staying at the top of my game. I am going to be a on a bit of a tear for the next few posts, as my head is brimming with ideas I will share. If by any chance someone can benefit, my mission will be accomplished.

I love continuing education and training. I always seem to book more, the more I work out with a director and continue to train. I love to learn! And as the great Jim Rohn said, “Learners are earners, and earners are learners.”.

We had homework this week. Yes, homework. And it was huge. The assignment was to define voiceover excellence for us as individuals, and present our written plans to our group.

This intensive exercise prompted me to revisit and commit to my goals and priorities for next year, five years and ten years. I actually updated my business plan for the first time in two years, which I’m very happy I did. Because now it is easy to see how much has changed, not only in my little world, but within the industry itself.  My plan is a road map that helps me to stay the course.

It’s hard to believe we have but ten work weeks left of 2011.  That’s all! How fitting this exercise arrived at the close of the third quarter of the year! Now I’m all set for what I know I’ll be doing in 2012 to keep moving forward toward excellence.

As each of my  seven peers disclosed their ideas it was apparent that there was a similar thread of desire running through everyone’s plans and as we listened and presented to one another, there was a collective sigh of relief among us.

For me, the realization that although we are each  performing different roles  and levels in our lives and careers, we are all sharing in the commonality of being driven to excellence,  and striking a holistic balance within our whole selves at the same time, extending beyond our voice or other vocations. 

Health, career, relationships, education, spirituality, community, and giving of oneself all play a part in who we are.  All of that is the good stuff which informs what we do at the mic. It is who we are. Voice acting is art, a skilled craft, as well as a lifestyle.

All of the discussion made me think of that expression about life; “This ain’t no dress rehearsal”.  In the big leagues like LA there is no room for medoicrity.   So step up, or step it up!
We all have but one take in this life.  VO excellence is not a destination, but a direction, in which you must take the time to move forward.  I know that I am firmly committed forever be a  VO maniac!

In my next post I’ll be talking about the concept of “destination”.


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