Don’t Allow Mistakes To Define You

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First I must say I’m very excited about my home state’s sports teams, and I’m a proud Wisconsin Badger fan, Green Bay Packer Backer, and true blue “Brew Crew” fan of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. All the sports mania makes me draw analogies to the craft of voiceover.  Of course, many analogies relate directly to life in the trenches.

How many mistakes do you make? Chances are, the more you’re up at bat,
the more you’ll strike out. The more auditions, the more you won’t book.
Some of the greatest sports figures’ stats show numerous errors, but they’re still on top, because they keep getting out there. (I’m now thinking about the number of interceptions Brett Favre had during his record high starts.)

Last week I related  points taken from an interview with Dr. Oz.’s time slot This is a man who not only now has Oprah’s time slot, but he also performs over 100,000 open heart surgeries a year! He admits that not all have good outcomes, because he does so many.

Despite mistakes. Despite unanswered auditions, we must pick up where we left and continue , better educated and richer for the experience.  Of course, the audition was not a total failure, and even if there were no mistakes, as you performed your voice and/or read was not the “Flavor” the decision-makers wanted that day.

Looking beyond just the work of auditions, and life’s challenges, we must not allow failures to define us. 
Remember, in many ways this career path is a numbers game, and if you don’t try at
all, of course you won’t fail, but for sure you erase the opportunity
to be awarded the gig.  So take a risk, but make sure it’s an informed
one.   Do what it takes to remedy the situation. I’ll leave that for you to decide exactly what that means for your life and career.                      

And here’s some excellent advice. Former Yahoo! CEO Tim Sanders suggests we
be as careful about what we put into our minds as we do our bodies.
Lifestyle be Design” he calls it. Be picky about what you feed your
mind, as ideas have consequences. Spend time on constructive things that
make you better at what you do, and spend time with others who lift you
up, not bring you down.

So we must learn how to recover from mistakes,
and move on. Always be moving forward, not just ‘hanging in there’.
Remind yourself of past successes you’ve had, and know that you still
are that person. That’s hope, and it’s about making sense of what
happens. Try to begin and end each day with an attitude of gratitude. 
And consider this: Luck favors the prepared mind.


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