The Strength of a Dream

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As I try like crazy to wrap my arms  and my head around December’s myriad activities, my mind is racing almost as fast as it takes me to write down my thoughts, “to dos” and “to gets”.

The list is continuously a work in progress. As soon as something is crossed out, another takes its place.

Yesterday I updated said list . And again today. There are things I need to shop for, wrap, send to far away places, four  holiday-related events to attend this week, client gifts to arrange, and a huge mix of personal and professional tasks that dance in my head constantly. 

Activities that happen around here early each December is tax planning.

I always think…;”ah, lovely”. . I’m committed to starting this immediately after this post. Now, how does tax planning relate to the title of this post?

Taxes aren’t a dream,obviously. They can be a nightmare to many. I laugh this off. Yes, taxes we must deal with, and planning ahead can help one’s financial disposition, especially for those of us who are “solo-preneurs”.

Years ago, when I launched my  voice actress career, my dream was to go the distance and maintain longevity. I wanted to voice national spots, and got there.. Sure there’s the money, but it’s the art to  this business it that gets my juices running.

This particular year has been a breakout year for me. It’s been my best year ever and I think it’s because of the strength of my dreams and  visions. And a LOT of hard work and continued training..

I keep a dream board in which I place images, and copies of phrases in the studio and office which surround me. One of those images has been of a particular microphone I’ve dreamed of owning for years. I’ve been holding back due to the cost.

In a recent meetup with our CPA, it was suggested that it could help with my tax planning efforts this particular year to spend some money on equipment. While I already own a very nice mic in the Neumann TLM 193,  the U 87 has always been in my sights. And I needed a back up mic, just in case.

Neumann TLM 193 

This Neumann TLM 193 mic was  recommended to me by studio engineer a few years ago. .It’s been great  for me. The TLM 193 is the mid-range priced mic between the  Neumann TLM 102.

However, the U87ai, has  a sound more forward and true.   Despite the photos. The U 87 is a much bigger mic in physical size.

So lookie here at my
newest addition to the studio:
                                                                                                   Neumann U 87AI

I must say the day it arrived I was jumping around like a kid on Christmas morning. “It’s here, it’s here” I kept chanting.  A dream…realized. FINALLY!

So all I can say is  the strength of dreams is pretty powerful stuff.

Listen to yours.


  1. What a fabulous post Bobbin. Congrats on the great news and the fabulous new mic! In the relatively short time I knew my mother, she instilled in me this idea of always having a dream – as you say, it’s pretty powerful stuff!

    Have a superb holiday


  2. Thanks, James, and Merry Holidays to you too. Thanks for your positive vibes.

  3. So true!! And boy is she a thing of beauty! Congratulations – well earned 🙂

  4. Hi Vanessa!
    Thank you for your friendship. You are a rare gem of a friend. Voice ON, Girlfriend! Hope to see you soon.
    Best- Bobbin

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